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  • Paranormal Investigations and Cats - I reviewed the web sites of several paranormal investigative companies to determine the expertise, education, equipment, and licensing needed for an investigation, and concluded that I qualified.

  • Crunching the Numbers of the Mott "Loan" - The terms of Mrs. Mott's "loan", even if they did include a felony rap and a few months in jail, seem quite reasonable.

  • A Liberal's Guide to Conservative-speak ...  a lexicon so that liberals can talk with conservatives (if they must.)

  • "Miracle" Heater ... The advertisement states that the Heat Surge heater is a miracle heater. It would be a miracle if it does what is claimed in the advertisement.

  • Republicans vs. Democrats ... With Republicans, it is best to ignore their rhetoric and watch their actions. It seems that what they do does not agree with what they claim to do.

  • Run, Russell, Run ... Perhaps some of the audience felt compelled to gouge their eyes out because they viewed a nude human body.

  • More Chiropractic Exaggerations ... If you have a child that requires medical attention, see a pediatrician or a medical doctor.

  • Safer, My Ass! ... Thus far, George W. Bush’s war of choice has not made us safer.

  • Bright Lights and Weird Voices ... What would it take for me to give up my godless ways? About $5,000,000 would do just fine – and some bright lights and weird voices would add to the effect.

  • It Must Be Hereditary ... It seems that even when the economy is doing well, a Bush can be counted on to slow it down.

  • Getting Into The "Spirit" ... Rather than needing more places to pray, this county needs more places to drink.

  • Choose Reason, Not Superstition ... Regardless of what religion one professes to adhere to, there are millions, and even billions, of adherents to other religions that are convinced that your beliefs are wrong.

  • The Chicks Had Balls, Then Lost Them ... The Dixie Chicks recently got their, well let me just say that they got something caught in the wringer when they -- God forbid -- criticized George W. Bush for his planned invasion of Iraq.

  • Asthma & Chiropractic, Again ... "in children with mild or moderate asthma, the addition of chiropractic spinal manipulation to usual medical care provided no benefit." (N Engl J Med 1998;339:1013-20).

  • Revelation or Fabrication ... Could a wretch like me be saved? Can someone who was lost be found? I was blind, but now I see.

  • The Science of Evolution and the Mythology of Creation ... The Judaeo-Christian creation myth is one of many fantastic stories that early civilizations used in an attempt to explain the universe.

  • The One True God ... Because every religion claims to be the one true religion worshiping the one true god, the selection of the real one true religion would be difficult.

  • An Association Complex ... Some of my friends are Christians and some are even religious, but I don't hold that against them.

  • It's Elementary: Some Christians Are Nuts ... The Bible should be treated exactly for what it is – an ancient text relating the myths, legends, and stories of a minor early civilization and their attempts to explain nature.

  • The Kansas Board of Education ... It's the kind of lie that just won't die -- intelligent design, that fascination for creation by something divine.

  • Mountain Lions and God ... It started with mountain lions, progressed to credibility, and somehow ended with religion.

  • Sodom, Gomorrah, Incest, & Fantasy ... Nice people are sometimes misinformed, wrong, and harmful regardless of their good intentions, particularly if their intentions are to debase a class of people for no reason other than what is commanded in an outdated, internally inconsistent text that has no proof of accuracy or authorship.

  • Crazy Asinine Christians ... How do you know if you're a Crazy Asinine Christian? Answer these simple questions.

  • Asthma & Chiropractic ... "in children with mild or moderate asthma, the addition of chiropractic spinal manipulation to usual medical care provided no benefit." (N Engl J Med 1998;339:1013-20).

  • God Should Speak Clearly ... If you prefer to disregard ancient myths of questionable origin and choose to live according to reason for the benefit of humanity in this world, thank you. Someone has to tend the planet.

  • Convert John 2000 ... Refreshments will be served; bring your own deadly poison; no snakes allowed.

  • From Ashes to Superstition ... "Joyce Meyer's evolving, changing Word-Faith views are at best aberrant, confusing, misleading and unscriptural."

  • A Christian Nation My Ass, Part 2 ... In the same sense that we are a Christian nation, we are also a horny, heavier that we should be, beer drinking, football watching nation.

  • Clinton Is Not the Only Liar ... Maybe the Republicans aren't promoting a religious agenda. Maybe we just need more of it when they are in office.

  • We Teach, They Learn ... Although we don't directly encourage them to lie, we certainly do discourage them from seeking the truth by continually dictating our "truths" to them, rather than teaching them to discover truth for themselves.

  • Visitors from Outer Space ... There is no valid evidence – none – that we have been visited by extraterrestrials. No extraordinary evidence has been presented to defend the extraordinary claims.

  • The War on Drugs has Gone to the Dogs ... So don't stop at just dogs. Institute strip searches; body cavity searches; if they won't talk, beat it out of them; search cars in the school parking lot; raid homes.

  • The God of the Bible is One Mean Mother ... All I can say is that I'm glad that Christine Anderson found the little girl looking for her mother in the bookstore instead of the God of the Bible.

  • Elvis, Beer, Breasts, and Nudity ... Coming soon to a courthouse and public school near you. And all to be Constitutionally protected thanks in part to Istook, Baker and Lynch. God bless them – everyone.

  • One More Time, Repeat After Me ... A one hour tape is available for $4.99. It's still brainwashing, but at least it agrees with the facts.

  • A "Christian Nation" My Ass ... If Pat Robertson thinks that the Founders were Christians, that's his opinion. But personally, I wouldn't put too much faith in the "facts" according to Robertson about anything.

  • I Love Religion ... I love religion. In the name of religion, I can make claims that would be considered insane in any other circumstances (except maybe politics.) No proof. No evidence. Just claims. Based merely on faith. What a deal.

  • The Body Count is Rising ... We should emulate Hugh Thompson to look beyond the hysteria and see the injustices (of the "War on Drugs") before we "destroy this nation in order to save it."

  • Some of My Best Friends are Religious ... Hell, I'm not against religion. Some of my best friends are religious, but I don't hold that against them.

  • The "Lighter" Side of the Bible ... To justify murder in the name of God, use the Bible. To justify burning thousands of "witches", use the Bible. To subjugate the women of the Earth, use the Bible.

  • Abortion and the Wrath of God ... Reverend Cugan wrote that "we will all have to give account one day to Him." How do we know that on that day, He won't ask, "Why did you force so many of my creatures to propagate against the free will that I gave them." According to the Bible, this seems more likely.

  • The Treaty of Tripoli, and Hell ... "... the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion ..."

  • The Christian Coalition is a Religious Organization -- Bwa Ha Ha Ha!!! ... Make no mistake, the CC is a political force disguised as a religion. Pat Robertson's recent taped edict to the Republican Congress leaves no doubt of this.

  • More Pointless Babble from Tom Smith ... Personally, I think that someone is ghostwriting for Tom Smith. A public debate would answer that question.

  • Everyone Wants to Be a Censor ... The problem with judicious censorship is, who decides? The answer -- adults decide for themselves.

  • Birth Control, and Demons ... The morning-after pill, and the devil made me do it.

  • Religious Fanatics Need Help ... In most cases, rocks have more sense than religious fanatics hell bent on finding a demon to castigate.

  • Therapeutic Touch and Homeopathy ... Our motto at IDIOT is, "It may not cure you, but as long as I get paid, who cares."

  • "Flat Earth" and Other Biblical "Science" ... The Bible is not a science book and was never intended as one.

  • The Constitution Desecration Amendment ... I hold members of Congress who support the amendment in contempt more than I would anyone that merely burns cloth.

  • The "Exceptional" Bible ... "Thou shalt not kill" seems clear -- don't kill. Yet, according to the Bible, God orders not only the destruction and murder of the Amalekite men and women, but also their children and infants.

  • The Shocking Bible ... If adult movies had the disclaimer, "Contains wickedness and lewd conduct. This is forbidden behavior for which you will burn in hell," could they then be used as lessons of morality?

  • Matthew Said What? ... Based on past participation, a great many people will probably attend regardless of Matthew. He probably didn't really mean what he wrote, so it seems like the ideal time for me to come out of the closet too.

  • Beam Us Up, Hale-Bopp ... There are approximately 2,000 distinct religious groups in America, which probably account for at least half that many different deities, each of which is claimed to be the one and only true deity.

  • My Conversation with God ... Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! I have seen the light.

  • Don Feder Distorts More Facts ... Don Feder seems to base a lot of his arguments on misrepresented information, and he's a member of the Christian Coalition. What a surprise!

  • Creation Science: Politics Disguised as Religion Disguised as Science. ... "I would defend the liberty of consenting adult creationists to practice whatever intellectual perversions they like in the privacy of their own homes; but it is also necessary to protect the young and innocent." (Arthur C. Clarke)

  • Censorship Again and Again? ... Don Feder is content to be in the company of Bork and the Christian Coalition, and they would love nothing better than to destroy the Bill of Rights, even though the right to profess their ideas is granted by that which they propose to destroy.

  • Censorship Again? ... Congress passed the Communications Decency Act with little understanding of the subject or seemingly even Constitutional law, and based its legislation on misrepresented information from the Christian Coalition who used a totally inaccurate study often attributed as an official study conducted by Carnegie Mellon University.

  • Faith is Fine, But It's Not Proof ... The extraordinary claim of a supernatural, omniscient, omnipotent being requires proof.

  • Questions About Religion ... If an Earthly ruler allowed children to starve, would you proclaim him good and then rationalize that he works in mysterious ways?

  • Hopefully, Mr. Smith Will Never Go To Washington ... If Tom Smith feels that this letter-to-the-editor forum is unfair, we could continue in a series of formal Lincoln-Douglas style debates. Tom?

  • Questions About Prayer ... I would assume that Christians are vehemently opposed to the senseless suffering and death of children anywhere in the world from starvation. Therefore, why do they not pray for their relief? But I am sure their response would be, "We do pray for them." Yet children still starve.

  • Family Friendly Censorship ... If done correctly, the Bible could be made into an x-rated movie that even the x-rated movie industry would ban.

  • Same-Sex Marriages ... Claims that same-sex marriage is not "natural" or against "family-values" are based on homophobia and selective interpretation of the Bible, neither of which have any place in our legal code.

  • More Truths About Partial-Birth Abortion ... Coreen Costello, Viki Wilson, Mary-Dorothy Line, Tammy Watts, Claudia Crown Ades, Vikki Stella, and Ann Wright testify before Congress about late-term abortions.

  • The Truth About Partial-Birth Abortion ... If you are opposed to the so-called "Partial-Birth Abortion" procedure, you still have the choice to not have one if, sadly, a pregnancy of yours goes awry. However, it is wrong to eliminate the safest medical procedure available when circumstances warrant, and it is immoral to attempt to do so using misinformation, sensationalism, deceptive propaganda, and outright lies.

  • The Man Behind the Pen (An Interview) ... An interview of John L. Ferri by The Daily Review (Danille Turissini).

  • Creationists Will Never Evolve, Part 2 ... The debate continued.

  • Creationists Will Never Evolve ... If your religious beliefs dictate that you must believe in creation, so be it. This is faith. But creation explains none of the collected and observed facts of evolution. If you must believe, then do so. But don't try to pass it off as science. It fails miserably.

  • Abortion is not the Problem ... The problem is unintended pregnancy, and the solutions are sex education and birth control. Our goal should be to minimize the number of unintended pregnancies which would also minimize the number of abortions.

  • Sorry Virginia, Mr. Church Lied ... We are so gullible -- and it starts with Santa Claus.

  • Term Limits, Please! ... Prostitution is a much more noble profession than politician. At least you agree to getting screwed with a prostitute.

  • What a Country! ... Everyone should use their "Freedom of Expression".

  • Don't Burn the Bill of Rights ... Some politicians will even compromise the Bill of Rights for a few votes.

  • Walter Cronkite on the War on Drugs ... The Cronkite Report: The Drug Dilemma - War or Peace (Epilogue/Proposal by Walter Cronkite.)

  • A Letter to Carroll O'Connor ... In Parade magazine (7/16/95), Carroll O'Connor wrote about the recent drug-related suicide of his son, and speculated on solutions to the drug problem in the U.S. This letter was prompted by his request for the ideas of other people. A follow-up article in Parade on 2/18/96, used a very small excerpt of this letter.

  • AIDS ... Homosexuality has never posed any real danger -- physical, emotional, or moral -- to any society or its families in all of recorded history.

  • Is Anybody Normal? ... "Normal" is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Prayer in Public Schools ... A "Christian Nation" -- Really?

  • The War on Drugs ... More insanity from the "War on Drugs".

  • Truly Free Elections ... "None of the Above" should be a valid choice on all ballots.

  • Censorship ... If I decide what to censor, then it's O.K. with me.

  • Trouble in River City ... It isn't a coincidence that proselytization and prostitution sound similar. However, keep in mind that at least prostitutes are honest.

  • The Crime Column ... The "good old days" were not that great.

  • Prostitution Bust ... Some people are willing to pay for professional sexual services.

  • Marijuana Bust ... Our "Drug War" is insane and getting worse.

  • A Tubular Message ... Art is wonderful, but if it's unnecessary and will cost the taxpayers $2 million, why do it?


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