The God of the Bible is One Mean Mother.
(Printed in the Towanda Daily Review on September 5, 1998. The title above was not the title used by the paper.)

In a recent article, Christine Anderson wrote about helping a little lost girl in a bookstore, and continued with, " we turn to Him with our prayers, for we are assured through His word that He will feed the hungry, lift up the broken-hearted, give rest to the weary."

December 21, 1997 "Two sisters who had just witnessed their mother give birth to twins were killed in a fiery collision after their car was rear-ended by a drunken driver, authorities said Sunday." (AP)

December 22, 1997 "A sightseeing trip turned tragic when a toddler fell to her death Sunday from the Golden Gate Bridge despite her father's desperate rescue attempt." (AP)

December 24, 1997 "A woman trying to rescue a loon in the middle of the road jumped back after being pecked by the bird and was run over and killed by a car. Cilicia H. Crawford's 13- and 11-year-old stepchildren watched as her rescue attempt went horribly wrong Tuesday." (AP)

January 2, 1998 "Two siblings drowned in a frozen creek near their home after apparently falling through the ice while playing with their dog. The dog was later found alive on a bridge over the creek." (AP)

January 3, 1998 "A man and four of his grandchildren were killed in a house fire, the second blaze in the state in less than 24 hours that killed five family members." (AP)

January 12, 1998 "A man returning his two children to his estranged wife after a weekend visit shot her and the youngsters to death, then killed himself." (AP)

January 17, 1998 "A distraught mother shot and killed her two daughters, ages two and four, and was planning to kill herself before she was arrested, authorities said." (AP)

February 11, 1998 "A mother distraught from struggling with financial and marital difficulties steered the family car into a lake, drowning herself and her three young children." (AP)

March 18, 1998 "A Minneapolis man who stabbed his lover to death with a steak knife and then left her baby girl to starve to death has been sentenced to life in prison." (AP)

August 8, 1998 "Five young girls trapped Friday while playing in the trunk of a car died of heat exposure." (AP)

All I can say is that I'm glad that Christine Anderson found the little girl looking for her mother in the bookstore instead of the God of the Bible. Yes, I know He works in mysterious ways. I'm also glad that mortals who act in similar mysterious ways are hunted down and put behind bars.

John L. Ferri

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