Revelation or Fabrication
Printed in the Towanda Daily Review, December 13, 2001

I was so impressed with Ian Fennell's column, "God should be invited into our schools, our lives," in the religious section of the Daily Review (Dec. 5) that I've tentatively decided to give up my evil radical liberal left-wing ways, but only if I could find the one true religion and the one true deity.

(Hum Amazing Grace for the next few seconds.) Could a wretch like me be saved? Can someone who was lost be found? I was blind, but now I see thanks to not only Mr. Fennell, but also to the Rev. Charles Worth, an occasional Review writer.

Mr. Fennell wrote that if " every American believed in God and made an effort to lead a Christian lifestyle, our nation would be a much better place ." He also believes that "God is everywhere", he wants prayer put back into the public school system, and says that any clergyman who doesn't support Christianizing the schools "should have his head examined." Rev. Worth wrote in the review on Dec. 6 that, "It is only a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ that can bring men to salvation".

As I've written many times in the past, my problem is to determine which, if any, religion is the one true religion and which, if any, God is the one true God. All true believers claim that their religion and their God are the only means to salvation. They all can't be right; but it is possible for all of them to be wrong. How do I choose? (Hum for a few more seconds.)

Revealed religions are those that claim that a deity either wrote or inspired the tenets of their beliefs their bibles. The existence of multiple revealed religions indicates one of the following: (1) there are multiple deities, (2) there is one deity who can't make up his or her mind, (3) there is one deity who can't seem to inspire his messengers all that clearly and maybe uses analog communications rather than digital, or (4) the bibles were fabricated by humans.

For possibility #1 above, if there are multiple deities, then which is the one true deity? For #2 and #3, why doesn't a supposed omnipotent, omniscient deity speak clearly? An all powerful and all knowing being should be able to speak unambiguously. Possibility #4, human fabrication, is the most reasonable explanation. Also, there are no original copies of any revelations only copies of copies and approximate translations. No original documents exist for any of the revealed religions.

Mr. Fennell and Rev. Worth made some extraordinary statements based on claimed knowledge of the intentions of their deity and interpretations of ancient documents with no clear origins. Just as believers do, I can claim that everything that I've written here was inspired by God, Jesus, Allah, and a few more deities. And when challenged as to why God would inspire me, I can say that He works in mysterious ways.

So before I change my views, they need to provide some extraordinary evidence to back their claims. Until then, I'll review the non-revealed religions and return to my radical liberal cell and attempt to save what remains of the U.S. Constitution.

John L. Ferri

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