It Must Be Hereditary
(Posted on April 5, 2004.)

In early April at Marshall Community and Technical College, Huntington, WV, President Bush commented on the 308,000 jobs that the economy gained in March 2004, “This economy is strong, it is getting stronger. You can understand why I'm optimistic when I cite these statistics because I remember what we have been through. We're getting better, and that's important.”

According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this is the first and only month for the current Bush administration where job growth has equaled or exceeded 0.24% or 308,000 jobs. Under Carter (1977-1981) it happened 29 times, Reagan (1981-1989) 37 times, the first Bush administration (1989-1993) 4 times, and Clinton (1993-2001) 34 times.

It seems that even when the economy is doing well, a Bush can be counted on to slow it down.

John L. Ferri

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