Birth Control and Demons
(Printed in The Towanda Daily Review on October 16, 1997)

Morning-after Pill (Review, Oct. 11):
Judith Koehler, senior legislative council for Americans United for Life, wrote that the Gynetics Inc. plan to market a "morning-after" pill is "just another method for taking a child's life." The "pill" is a combination of birth-control pills taken over several days in non-standard doses. According to the FDA, the treatment is 75% effective at preventing a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterine wall, thus preventing an unwanted pregnancy that may have occurred from unprotected sexual intercourse because of condom failure, passion, stupidity, lack of education, or rape.

But why stop at equating a freshly fertilized egg to a child. If the fertilized egg has the potential to grow into a child, then an unfertilized egg has the potential to be fertilized and to grow into a child. Thus, every unfertilized egg shed during menstruation has the potential to grow into a child but for the lack of a sperm to fertilize it. It seems that we sperm machines have much work to do to "go forth" and fertilize.

Ridiculous logic? You bet it is. Just as ridiculous as the logic of Americans United for Life, who are so obsessed with preventing sex education and birth control that they would block the morning-after treatment rather than prevent the FDA's estimate of 1 million abortions each year with the use of the treatment.

Devil Worship (Review Oct. 12):
In the Mississippi town of Pearl, Luke Woodham, a high school student, stabbed his mother to death, shot and killed his former girlfriend, and wounded seven others before being apprehended.

Who or what to blame? Woodham murdered his mother with a knife -- possibly a knife possessed by a demon. He murdered his ex-girlfriend with a rifle -- obviously the devil's vessel. He was stopped by the Assistant Principal's .45-caliber pistol -- definitely a holy instrument because of the evil it stopped. Maybe Woodham was directly guided by the devil. Or perhaps God told him to kill those people? In that case, then the Assistant Principal's pistol would be demonic in character.

Under any circumstances, the above murders are a tragedy. The events can likely be attributed to a despondent mentally unstable teenager. Yet, the police and religious leaders of the town are investigating rumors of "cults", "devil-type things", and Satanic worship. But how do they know that the same deity that they worship didn't order these murders. According to the Old Testament of the Bible, this same deity has never hesitated to kill or to order others to kill in his or her name.

It appears that we are at an impasse. One solution is to get the bogeymen out of it and address the tragic situation as sane adults should. Woodham is responsible for his actions and, as such, should be held accountable. Blaming non-existent spirits is only a scheme of those that claim divine knowledge to shirk responsibility and to gain power.

John L. Ferri

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