Getting Into The "Spirit"
(Printed in the Towanda Daily Review on 12/16/03.)

In Robert Archer’s letter (Review, 12/10/03), he quoted a friend who wrote, “It seems that a few naysayers want anything to do with God abolished from everyone else’s life.” Mr. Archer wrote that he agreed with his friend and closed with, “it is time for the silent majority to stand up and be heard before this country is driven any further away from the principles it was founded upon.”

I would hardly call many of the religious majority in our country “silent”. Also, there is no shortage of places for them to practice their beliefs. Towanda has many places of worship, as do most of the towns and cities in our country. A quick review of the yellow pages in the local phone book shows 133 entries, most of which are some variant of Christianity, the only “true” religion for those who preach religious “freedom”.

Another quick review of the yellow pages finds only 28 entries under “taverns.” In Bradford County, there are almost five times as many places to pray to a spirit than there are places to consume some spirits. Also, one can pray anywhere. That’s right – anywhere. There are no laws prohibiting praying anywhere, regardless of what Archer or his friend claim. Any student, teacher, judge, or employee – anyone – can pray silently anywhere, anytime they want, even while they operate an automobile. I don’t recommend praying while driving because, as with other forms of wireless communication, it may distract the driver.

To the contrary, there are many laws that prohibit the consumption of alcoholic beverages in many locations or during certain activities. Driving while worshiping the wrong “spirit” can get you in a world of trouble. However, if you’re at home, you can worship both “spirits” simultaneously to your hearts content.

So, rather than needing more places to pray, this county needs more places to drink. I propose we start with the places of worship, then the courthouse, followed by the schools (taking care to limit the spirits to only those of legal age.) Maybe some liquid spirits will mellow those who want to impose their religious beliefs on others who merely want to worship, or not worship, in their own way.

John L. Ferri

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