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A Miracle Heater - It's a Miracle If It Does What They Claim.

A recent full-page advertisement in the Towanda Daily Review (1/7/08, pA8) for the Heat Surge  “miracle” heater exaggerates in its claims. 


I’ll follow with the claims of the advertisement and then reality.

Claim: “Amish man’s new miracle idea….”

Reality: The heater, the “Heat Surge” internal heating unit, wasn’t invented by the Amish. They, or some wood shop, make the outer mantels.

Claim: “... uses less energy than a coffee maker.”

Reality: True, but only while the coffee maker is brewing coffee. A coffee maker idles most of the time keeping the pot of coffee hot.

Claim: Free heater. 

Reality: True, but only if you buy the mantel for $298.

Claim: The heater is a “work of engineering genius from the China coast.”

Reality: It’s a 1500 watt electric heater. China should direct their talents to keeping lead out of our products and children's toys.

Claim: “It produces an amazing 5119 BTUs.

Reality: True, but so does any other 1500 watt electric heater. 1500 watts = 5119 BTUs.

Claim: “… on board Powerful hi-tech turbine…”

Reality: It’s a fan.

Claim: Save money.

Reality: Only if you use it to heat where you are, and you turn the heat down or off to all of the other rooms.

Claim: ... solid oak or cherry mantle.

Reality: True, because the mantle is not liquid or gas. Based on the other exaggerations, assume it is a laminate, and be happy if it is solid oak or cherry.

Claim: “Everyone’s calling to get one….”

Reality: Really!

The ad is placed by “Universal Media Syndicate”, 3939 Everhard Rd., Canton, OH – the same address where the heater distributor is located. Other great deals recently offered by UMS are: free Pope Paul memorial prayer cards for $13.95; $144 of uncut U.S. currency for $308.95; and “human joint oil” for $29 + shipping.

If you want a decent looking 1500 watt heater with a fake flame for $298 + shipping, then order it. However, any 1500 watt electric unit will do the same heating job.


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John L. Ferri

January 17, 2008