An Association Complex
(Printed in the Towanda Daily Review on Dec. 27, 1999.)

I read Warren Roberts' reply to my Review column of Dec. 4, 1999 with great interest. In his Dec. 19 letter, Mr. Roberts implied that he has issues with the American Medical Association, the American Psychological Association, and the American Psychiatric Association, although he failed to mention what the issues were. He did mention that the latter two associations had 20% of its membership "undergoing therapy for the very problems for which they offer 'treatment'". I'm not sure why he didn't include the AMA, because a significant portion of its membership probably requires therapy for the very problems for which the AMA offers treatment. It seems that Mr. Roberts thinks that membership in an association should somehow exclude its members from requiring the services of that association.

Following his logic: female gynecologists should never become pregnant; male urologists should always have healthy prostates; members of the clergy should never have doubts; and proctologists need never bend over. Mr. Roberts may have a point here, but, for the moment, it escapes me exactly what it is.

Mr. Roberts then alluded that I was a "Christian-basher." In my own defense, I must point out that some of my friends are Christians and some are even religious, but I don't hold that against them. What I do "bash" are the ideas of those who believe that the Bible is absolutely and literally true, with no errors, with no contradictions, and with perfect scientific accuracy, and who then claim moral and ethical superiority over all other religious and secular philosophies.(1) I will refer to this group as members of the Bible Literalists Association or BLA.

If you are a member of the BLA, then according to Mr. Robert's logic, you should not require therapy from other members of the BLA. Thus, anyone attending weekly BLA services in the quest for eternal salvation is, by Mr. Robert's standards, not worthy of eternal salvation.

Strange, but it's not my logic. Perhaps Mr. Robert's will explain further.

John L. Ferri

(1) The previous 15 words were added by me after printing to clarify a point.

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