Abortion and the Wrath of God?
(Printed in the Elmira Star Gazette on February 3, 1998.)

Both the Rev. Richard Cughan and Margaret Colwell claimed in the Jan. 20 Star-Gazette that the wrath of God is besieging -- or will besiege -- our world to atone for the sins of years of abortion.

Yet the Bible is surprisingly silent on the issue of abortion. A single verse demands only a small fine if a pregnant woman is injured resulting in a terminated pregnancy. Thus, claims using the Bible have no rational basis.

Reverend Cugan wrote that "we will all have to give account one day to Him." How do we know that on that day, He won't ask, "Why did you force so many of my creatures to propagate against the free will that I gave them." According to the Bible, this seems more likely.

Ms. Colwell regresses to the dark ages where demons caused sickness, angels moved astronomical bodies, and angry gods propelled comets. They also, according to Colwell, warm the waters in the Pacific Ocean. If I were an angry god and I wanted to send a message, warm water would be near the bottom of the list.

Ms. Colwell also equates the disbelief in a deity with immorality. An atheist can be moral or immoral, just as a religious person can be moral or immoral. There is no connection between religion and morality.

Saddam Hussein is a very religious person. Carl Sagan was an atheist.

Don't generalize; it's very inaccurate.

John L. Ferri

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