The Christian Coalition is a Religious Organization -- Bwa Ha Ha Ha!!!
(Printed in The Towanda Daily Review on 1/30/98.)

Darris Hauser's letter about school prayer (Review, 1/10/98) drifts from the intended topic in many areas. He argues that for the sake of religious freedom, prayer should be allowed in public schools, yet he fails to show how religious freedom is protected.

He wrote, "There are always a few who would object to almost anything religious." No such generalized objections were made. The objections were specifically about the devious method that Athletes in Action and the One Man Volleyball team used to violate the religious freedom of every student in their respective schools.

Next he wrote, "I suspect that many, many more are offended by the lack of morality that is everywhere present." Here Mr. Hauser uses a favorite tactic of the Christian Coalition, whereby unsubstantiated generalized statements are made in an attempt to validate a cause. However, his definition of "lack of morality" seems to be "things aren't going the way I want them to go." One indicator of "morality" is crime, which has had much publicity recently because it has been decreasing nationwide.

Hauser continued that no one writes about DUI and cohabitation, but when Biblical morality is challenged, all hell breaks loose in the letter-to-the-editor column. How does regular "morality" differ from "Biblical morality"? I guess with the regular variety, it's immoral to lie to school officials about your intended purpose, but with Biblical "morality", lying is justified because you know that your religion is the "chosen" one, despite every other religion's protest that theirs is the only one for true salvation.

Hauser uses another tactic of the Christian Coalition, called a straw man, whereby the opponents position is modified, this modified position is argued against, and victory is declared. Hauser and the CC claim that it is illegal to pray in public school, even though they are deliberately mistaken. It is perfectly legal to pray in a public school: as long as it is not disruptive, doesn't interfere with scheduled activities, and is not endorsed in any way by a school official or official of the state.

Mr. Hauser then wrote that he found it "hard to believe that our Founding Fathers meant by the First Amendment what the Supreme Court says they meant." Our Founders had just fought and won a bitter war against an oppressive government, and their intentions were to avoid at all costs creating another oppressive system. Thus, among other safeguards, our Constitution forbids the state from having an official position about religion. The state can not endorse, condone, or forbid the practice or lack thereof of any religion.

As difficult as this seems for the "righteous" to comprehend, your particular religion represents only a small fraction of all religions. And every one of the others hold that theirs and not yours is the one true religion and the sole means to salvation. For this reason, and in order to preserve religious freedom for all, the state is forbidden to endorse any religion thus leaving both government and religion for the better.

Hauser concluded that the Christian Coalition has the right to promote its agenda and "would like to stop this deterioration " of our country. And they would also like to turn our nation into a theocracy using their interpretation of religion as our law. Make no mistake, the CC is a political force disguised as a religion. Pat Robertson's recent taped edict to the Republican Congress leaves no doubt of this. The irony is that they are so certain that they are the one true path to salvation, they and their gullible followers are willing to destroy that which gives them the freedom to exist.

John L. Ferri

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