Do You Have a Byzantine Mind?

Quiz I: A mixed bag of questions about the world of John the Eunuch.
Non-Java version

Quiz II: One For Sorrow Trivia. Questions about John's first novel.
Non-Java version

Quiz I

1.What was the capital of the eastern Roman Empire?
2. Which of the following coins was the MOST valuable?
3.The father of Empress Theodora was a:
4.The geographer Cosmas argued that the earth was shaped like:
5. In his "Secret History" Procopius did NOT refer to Justinian as:
6. The body of water bounding Constantinople to the north is:
7. During the 532 "Nika" riots Justinian was persuaded not to flee into exile by:
8. Holy men known as stylites lived:
9. The entrance to the Great Palace was known as the:
10. When Italy was reconquered in 552 Justinian's army was lead by:

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