Do You Have a Byzantine Mind?

Quiz I: A mixed bag of questions about the world of John the Eunuch.

1.What was the capital of the eastern Roman Empire?

B. Byzantium
C. Istanbul

2. Which of the following coins was the MOST valuable?


3. The father of Empress Theodora was a:

B.Bear keeper
C.Tax collector

4.The geographer Cosmas argued that the earth was shaped like:

A. A Roman exercise ball
B. The Ark of the Covenant
C. The Forum Constantine
D. A loaf of flat bread

5. In his "Secret History" Procopius did NOT refer to Justinian as:

A.A faceless demon in human form
B.Hypocritical, two-faced and cruel
C. A vampire
D. A mediocre poet

6. The body of water bounding Constantinople to the north is:

A.Euxine Sea
B.Sea of Marmara
C.The Golden Horn
D.The Bosporos

7. During the 532 "Nika" riots Justinian was persuaded not to flee into exile by:

A.Empress Theodora
C.The Quaester Tribonian
D.Michael Jordan

8. Holy men known as stylites lived:

A.In the desert
B.In caves
C.Atop pillars
D. Within abandoned churches

9. The entrance to the Great Palace was known as the:


10. When Italy was reconquered in 552 Justinian's army was lead by:

A.The general Belisarias
B.Narses - a 74 year-old eunuch
C.The Emperor Justinian himself
D.The general Germanus


Quiz II: One For Sorrow Trivia.

1.The sacred animal of Mithraism, the religion of John and his friends, is the:

A. crow
B. bull
C. chicken
D. snake

2. Johnís old servant Peter was formerly:

A. army cook
B. holy hermit
C. peasant farmer
D. shopkeeper

3. What office does John hold?

A. Keeper of the Plate
B. Master of Offices
C. Quaester
D. Lord Chamberlain

4. Felix, the Excubitor Captain, enjoys micatio a gambling game in which players use only:

A. dice
B. knuckle bones
C. pebbles
D. their fingers

5. Johnís friend Anatolius is Justinianís secretary but he would rather:

A. race chariots
B. write poetry
C. study geometry
D. reconquer Italy

6.Johnís confidante, Zoe, is:

A. a young prostitute
B. Justinianís niece
C. an actress
D. a mosaic portrait

7 John is originally from:

A. Greece
B. Egypt
C. Persia
D. Armenia

8. Johnís Mithraic rank is:

A. Soldier
B. Father
C. Runner of the Sun
D. Adept

9. What public bath does John prefer?

A. Achilles
B. Constantianai
C. Dagistheos
D. Zeuxippos

10. What is Johnís favorite food?

A. Grilled fish
B. Figs
C. Honey cakes
D. Roast boar


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