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Mystery Links

General Resources

  • Bastulli Mystery Library
    Provides info, bibliography, reviews and links on mystery writers
  • ClueLass
    Reviews, links and the Deadly Directory -- a comprehensive international guide to the mystery fiction community.
  • Deadly Ink Mystery Conference
    A small, friendly conference -- guests, panels etc -- scheduled for June in NJ
  • Euro Crime
    A portal to the world of British and European crime fiction with regular updates to news, reviews and bibliographies.
  • The Gumshoe Site
    A site from Japan offers mystery related news.
  • Hidden Staircase Mystery Books.
    Offers constantly updated information about mystery authors, books, and series as well as puzzles, sweepstakes, and more. Site owner Lance Wright also provides reviews at Mysterious Reviews.
  • Historical Mystery Stories Online.
    Kris Swank, librarian, maintains a webpage of links to online historical mystery fiction. These are mostly by modern authors, such as Lynda S. Robinson, Alan Gordon and Rhys Bowen. (A small number of these stories cost 49 through Amazon Shorts, but most are free.)
  • Little House on the Corner/Mysteries in the Mountains
    A website devoted to new and midlist authors with author bios and photos, reviews, links to publishers and more.
    Mystery writers, books, free flash fiction, and contests..
  • Murder on the Internet Express
    A website devoted to both mystery authors and readers alike. Hop aboard and discover a world of mysteries!
  • The Mysterious Home Page
    No the crime fiction research journal<
  • Mystery*File
    The crime fiction research journal includes articles and checklists about mysteries and fictional detectives, columns, author interviews and profiles, book reviews and more.
  • Mystery Reader
    The very latest news and views of mystery novels with hundreds of reviews and more, like the New Faces pages, among which can be found the authors of One For Sorrow.
  • Mystery Scene Magazine
    Website for the magazine that has championed writers for two decades. Information on contents, subscribing, editorial guidelines, news, and more.
  • Mystery-Thyme
    Enjoy a glimpse into the world of cozy mystery and intrigue. A site for both readers and writers of mystery.
  • Nefarious - Tales of Mystery
    A mystery entertainment and information site. "On hiatus" as off 2002. Archive still available.
    Reviews of crime fiction, true crime, cross-genre material, etc.
  • Spinetingler Magazine
    Committed to promoting great storytelling by writers at all stages in their careers, Spinetingler Magazine publishes fiction by new and emerging authors, in-depth author interviews and profiles, and has an extensive review site.
  • Tangled Web
    A comprehensive U.K. site about mystery books and the mystery scene.
  • Virtual Murder
    Author Barbara Paul offers a HUGE selection of mystery related links.
  • WhereDunnit
    The place for crime and mystery fiction listed by location in the US, UK, Europe...and coming soon, The World.

Historical Mystery Resources

  • Crime Thru Time Historical Mystery Web Page
    Subscribe here to the discussion group for readers and writers of historical mysteries
  • Criminal History
    Alan Bishop runs this amateur website for fans of historical crime fiction. From the dawn of time to Victorian England; from John the Eunuch to Miss Marple. News, reviews and rticles on a host of titles and authors, "surfer" submissions very welcome!
  • The Detective and the Toga
    Bibliography of mystery novels and short stories set in Ancient Rome, not to mention plenty of news.
  • Historical Mystery Fiction
    Historical mysteries listed by author and by time period.
  • Falcophiles
    Dedicated to all things related to the 'Falco' novels of Lindsey Davis.
  • Fictional Rome
    Readers can search a database of over 1500 novels in English set in ancient Roman times.
  • The Ancient Fiction Book Corner
    Native American fiction, stories about ancient civilizations, nomadic adventure novels, and spiritual journeys in the past.
  • Medieval and Renaissance Mysteries
    Listing of mysteries from the period following upon the fall of Rome in 476 to the end of the 15th century.
  • Sybil and Sleuth
    Bibliography of mystery novels and short stories set in Ancient Greece through A.D. 1453.


  • Mystery Writers of America
    The premier organization for mystery writers and other professionals in the mystery field.
  • Sisters in Crime
    An organization which exists to combat discrimination against women in the mystery field .
  • Short Mystery Fiction Society
    The Short Mystery Fiction Society is an electronic mail list group of writers, readers, fans, editors and publishers of mystery and crime fiction from all around the globe. Members engage in daily discussions about short mystery and crime fiction in particular and fiction writing in general. There are no membership dues, no dumb questions and no wrong opinions. It's all about sharing a common interest in Mystery Fiction. To join the Short Mystery Fiction Society, send an email to: Shortmystery-subscribe@ For further information or questions, write Earl Staggs at:
  • The Historical Mystery Appreciation Society
    Among others things publishes a newsletter and maintains a reading group
  • The Historical Novel Society
    Includes historical mysteries. Website features reviews, interviews, chat, links, listserv, free newsletter, excerpts from Society journal and more.

Publishers and Stores

  • Poisoned Pen Press
    Our publisher! But if that isn't enough, PPP is devoted to putting into print and/or keeping in print both quality fiction and nonfiction that might get kicked aside in the dance of the corporate publishing giants.
  • The Poisoned Pen
    Features all kinds of mystery books and collectors editions, a newsletter, clubs, special products, reviews, editorials, links, even a live webcam for the store's book signings
  • Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine
    The world's leading mystery magazine.
  • Grave Matters
    Carries mystery and detective fiction
  • My Book House
    Specializing in signed first edition mystery and detective fiction.

Author Pages

  • Robert E. Armstrong
    Author of CANIS and INDEX OF SUSPICION. Site features sample chapters and information on the author.
  • Bob Avey
    Author of Twisted Perception, the first novel in the Kenny Elliot mystery series; mysteries that focus on characterization with edgy psychological overtones. Website includes: Biography, newsletter archive, reading group guide, calendar of events. Register at the website for free autographed copy.
  • John Baker
    The site has extracts from his Sam Turner series, photographs and quotations. Also Anna Baker's site has photographs of allotment sheds in and around Yorkshire. Murder Squad is a collection of seven crime writers from the north of England.
  • Julia Buckley
    Author of THE DARK BACKWARD, in which cop Lily Caldwell faces continual opposition to her conviction the governor is guilty of murder. Julia also writes the Madeline Mann series. Website includes bionotes, events, and an extract from The Dark Backward..
  • Cathy Cairns
    Author of short stories and the Casey O'Hara mysteries set in new England and featuring small town museum curator Casey O'Hara who has a passion for preserving history and a penchant for finding trouble. For those who like their mysteries seasoned with history and peppered with humor.
  • Andrea Campbell
    Website features descriptions of all the author's books including interviews from other venues, forensic science information and photographs, party game tips, pictures of Ziggy, travel news and book signings, plus, other assorted and eclectic shared knowledge.
  • Chester Campbell
    Author of the Greg McKenzie mystery series featuring a retired Air Force OSI agent and his wife, Jill. In the latest, DEADLY ILLUSIONS, they become full-fledged PI's. The site includes excerpts, reviews, interviews, contests, newsletters, and promotional suggestions for authors.
  • Meg Chittenden
    The author of the Charlie Plato mysteries offers writing tips and more.
  • Dianne Day
    Author of the Fremont Jones mystery series. The site features an interview with Dianne and information about her novels.
  • L.C. Hayden
  • Joan Hall Hovey
    Author of NOWHERE TO HIDE and LISTEN TO THE SHADOWS. Site includes info on the author and her writing plus a newsletter.
  • Mary Keenan
    Author interviews, links to author sites and mystery conferences, plus how-to articles from the Sisters in Crime Toronto Chapter newsletter..
  • Barbara W. Klaser
    Author of SHADOWS FALL a romantic mystery. Site has a sample and other information.
  • J.A.Konrath
    Author of "Whiskey Sour" and other books in the Lt. Jack Daniels series, offers readers information on (and excerpts from) his works,.writing and editing tips, free contests with cash prizes, and much more.
  • Laura Lippman
    Author of THE SUGAR HOUSE and other books featuring Tess Monaghan. Site includes a letter from Laura, information on her books, news, reviews, interviews and more.
  • Jeffrey Marks
    Author of the Ulysses S. Grant mysteries, including THE AMBUSH OF MY NAME and A GOOD SOLDIER. Also author of WHO WAS THAT LADY? the official biography of Craig Rice. News and info plus THE BEST OF CINCINNATI guide.
  • Susan McBride
    Author of the Maggie Ryan Mysteries AND THEN SHE WAS GONE and OVERKILL. Site features the author's schedule, reviews and links .
  • Nancy Mehl
    Author of GRAVEN IMAGES. Includes news and information about the author and her writing plus helpful links to writing-related websites.
  • Kris Neri
    Author of the Tracy Eaton mysteries, NEVER SAY DIE, a Zoey Morgan novel, and many short stories.
  • Randy Rawls
    Author of Ace Edwards, Dallas PI, series, featuring Sweeper, Striker and small towns.
  • Mark Terry
    Author of THE DEVIL'S PITCHFORK a Derek Stillwater thriller.
  • A Medieval Quadrant
    Home page of Dutch author Renee Vink. Includes an on-line novel in progress.
  • Mike Walters
    Author of the Nergui novels, a series of crime thrillers set in modern-day Mongolia. His website and blog aim to provide an introduction to the books, excerpts and reviews, links to information about Mongolia, "and anything else that takes our fancy".
  • Angela Zeman
    Author of the Mrs. Risk "witch" series, including the novel The Witch and the Borscht Pearl. Site includes info on the author and her work, a recipe and a story.

Other Poisoned Pen Press Authors

  • Debby Turrel Atkinson
    Author of the Storm Kayama mysteries, novels that reveal a Hawai'i few visitors see, from the winding cane roads of Hamakua, the seedy side of Honolulu's Chinatown, to the hidden valleys of Kaua'i.
  • John M. Daniel
    Author of the Guy Mallon mystery series, which mixes the dangerous world of small press publishing with the gentle art of murder. Read more about John, his books, and his pint-sized publishing sleuth at his website.
  • Kathleen Delaney
    Website at provides information about her series featuring Ellen McKenzie, real estate agent on California's central coast. Former real estate agent Kathleen also offers news, a selection of questions for book clubs, comments on recent appearances and planned signings, and her ability to host an interactive workshop.
  • Vicki Delany
    Author of the Hope River novels including the critically-acclaimed Scare the Light Away and the forthcoming Klondike Mystery series. Site includes pictures of Vicki's 'research' trips to Algonquin Park and the Yukon.
  • Martin Edwards
    British author of two series, set in the Lake District and Liverpool, and a well-known anthologist, reviewer and author of short stories. Site includes many articles on crime fiction as well as a section on collecting crime fiction.
  • Ruth Dudley Edwards
    Author of ten satirical novels about the British establishment: targets so far include the civil service, gentlemen's clubs, academia, the House of Lords, the Church of England, the literati, and, above all, political correctness. Her eleventh novel, Murdering Americans, is set on an Indiana campus. Ruth's website also includes her journalism and information about her non-fiction.
  • Mary Anna Evans
    Author of ARTIFACTS, an archaeological mystery of Florida, past and present. For protagonist Faye Longchamp, digging into the past can be treacherous...but you'll enjoy browsing here. Includes news, schedule of appearances, mystery links, and how to get a free autographed bookplate.
  • Jane Finnis
    Author of GET OUT OR DIE and A BITTER CHILL, both set in Roman Britain in the 90s AD. They feature innkeeper Aurelia Marcella, who divides her time between looking after travellers in this northern outpost of the Roman Empire, and solving crimes which have an unpleasant tendency to put her and her family in danger.
  • Kerry Greenwood
    Author of the Phryne Fisher series. Includes Kerry's biography, a free screensaver, and information about Phryne and her friends. While you're there, sign up for Phryne's newsletter.
  • Ken Kuhlken
    Site includes sample chapters of the Hickey family mysteries and links to songs from the novels, short stories and articles to read or download, links to writers, folk musicians, and writer resources.
  • John McEvoy
    Author of "Close Call" (2008), the third in a series of horse racing thrillers. His website is It includes reviews, an interview with John, as well as the first chapter of "Close Call" and its immediate predecessor "Riders Down," winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award as best mystery/suspense thriller of 2006.
  • Beverle Graves Myers
    Author of the Baroque Mystery series featuring Tito Amato, an 18th-century Venetian sleuth. Site includes information on all the books in the series, a sample of The Iron Tongue of Midnight, Bev's event schedule, and a link to obtain Readers' Guides.
  • Ann Parker
    Author of SILVER LIES, a tale of greed, lust, and deception set in the Colorado silver rush of 1879 when men-- and not a few women--stopped at nothing, not even murder, to strike it rich. Site includes links to a book excerpt and historical photos of the times ... If you thought the West was all cactus and cattle drives, be prepared for something different.
  • Sandra Parshall
    Author of THE HEAT OF THE MOON, a contemporary novel of suspense set in the Washington, DC, area. Site includes biographical information, events, photos, a sample chapter and writing and reading tips.
  • Twist Phelan
    Author of the critically-acclaimed Pinnacle Peak series, legal-themed mysteries featuring different sports. Find out more at her website.
  • Don Porter
    Website of Don Porter, whose Alaskan fiction is based on intimate knowledge of the state and its peoples from Point Barrow to Ketchikan and the tip of the Aleutian Chain. Many of his books feature Alex Price, the bush pilot whose adventures reflect Don's experiences during thirty-five years and thirteen-thousand hours of Alaskan flying.
  • S. K. Rizzolo
    Author of THE ROSE IN THE WHEEL, A Penelope Wolfe/John Chase Regency Mystery . (Site features historical notes, bio and more)
  • Priscilla Royal
    Author of a medieval mystery series set in 13th century England. The first book, WINE OF VIOLENCE, introduces Prioress Eleanor and Brother Thomas, members of the historical Order of Fontevraud, who seem destined to deal with a significant number of violent crimes over what the author hopes will be long lives for them both.
  • Penny Rudolph
    Author of THICKER THAN BLOOD and its sequel LIFEBLOOD, featuring Rachel Chavez, owner of a parking garage in downtown Los Angeles, as well as the award-winning historical mystery/thriller Listen to the Mockingbird, set in New Mexico during the civil war. Site includes reviews, news, biography, readers guide, and a photo scrapbook.
  • Clea Simon
    Author of MEW IS FOR MURDER, a very contemporary cat cozy, and several nonfiction books, including "The Feline Mystique: On the Mysterious Connection Between Women and Cats." Excerpts, essays, photos, readings, contact info, and more.
  • Roger Sobin
    Mystery News columnist Roger Sobin is the compiler of The Essential Mystery Lists: For Readers, Collectors, and Librarians, an indispensable guide to mystery awards listing not only winners but also nominees for every mystery award. Also, over fifty "classic" or "best" lists are offered. Several of these lists were created for this resource and several have not been available for a number of years and are invaluable for us to consider. His website provides further information about the work, updates and corrections, and material on current year awards.
  • Home Page of Bill Stackhouse
    Author of STREAM OF DEATH, an Ed McAvoy mystery.
  • Jane Tesh
    Author of A CASE OF IMAGINATION, a lighthearted mystery that includes ghosts and beauty queens. Site also features reviews, bio, and a very nice picture of Winkie, Jane's Chihuahua.
  • Jon Talton
    Official Web site contains information on his books, including the David Mapstone mysteries, and the latest news on signings, appearances and new books. Rogue Columnist is a popular new blog by Jon Talton, showcasing his commentary and analysis on politics, the economy and urban issues. A veteran columnist for major newspapers, Jon now produces a blog with commentary and news "too dangerous for corporate media."
  • Mari Ulmer
    Author of MIDNIGHT AT THE CAMPOSANTO, a Taos mystery.

Sites About Books and Writing (Including Mysteries)

  • Fantastic Fiction
    Bibliographies for over 3000 authors. Author biographies and photos. Information on over 70,000 books. Direct links to multiple booksellers for each title. All easily searchable.
  • The Impatient Reader
    Book reviews of mystery novels, mainstream fiction, and some nonfiction. Full coverage of literary awards (Pulitzer Prize, etc.), including the Agatha Award for Mystery, the Dilys Award for Mystery, and the Edgar Allan Poe Award for Mystery.
  • January Magazine
    Features an excellent mystery section and a newsletter devoted to mysteries.
  • Internet Book List
    A comprehensive and easily accessible database of book information. Find books by title, genre, author, or rating.
  • Miniature Bookshelf
    Miniature book cover printies and home to Searching For A Starry Night, A Miniature Art Mystery by Christine Verstraete.
  • My Shelf
    Comprehensive collection of mystery book reviews
  • Pageone
    Online Newsletter & Website including thought-provoking, literary-versed news, interviews and writing tips.
  • Reviewers Choice Reviews
    Book and movie reviews from many categories, including mysteries, written for the love of reviewing.
  • Round Table Reviews
    Book reviews and author interviews for and by book addicts of all genres.

Background Material for our Writing

Also of Interest

  • aegean TOUR TRAVEL
    Travel opportunities in Turkey with info about what was the heart of the Byzantine Empire
  • The Augustan Society
    Chivalric orders, geneology and history. Order some of Mary's folklore essays here.
  • Baf's Guide to Interactive Fiction
    Hundreds of reviews and links to over 1,500 games.
  • Brass Lantern
    Stephen Granade's site with every sort of information imaginable about interactive fiction.
  • Malinche Entertainment
    Fiction books with a twist! Howard Sherman offers a variety of interative titles including a thriller, a fantasy and a murder mystery. You can try them online.
  • The North East of England's Official website
    More about Mary's home town and environs
  • Parsifal
    Roger Firth presents the ultimate collection of IF links.
  • Reviews From Trotting Krips .
    Reviews and pointed and highly amusing commentary.
  • Strategic Baseball Simulator
    Great freeware baseball game. Recreate practically every baseball season ever played.
    Travel site with lots of information about the geography and history of Turkey
  • U.S. Orienteering Federation
    Everything you need to know about orienteering: links to local clubs, news, schedules, rules
  • Zyra
    Interesting eccentric site with over a thousand pages of useful information on a wealth of subjects, oodles of fascinating and amusing items, and an encyclopaedic set of things linked together conceptually, plus links to thousands of places around the world

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