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[NOTE: At the moment this is more of an archive of old news! "Breaking" news is now on the front page] News about One For Sorrow and Two For Joy the historical mysteries by Eric Mayer and Mary Reed

B.S.P. -- that's short for blatant self promotion. As solitary scribblers, we aren't very comfortable with BSP. However something that we are even less comfortable with is the possibility of nobody reading the books we've spent so much of our lives producing and people naturally won't read books they've never heard about. So in a web site already full of subtle self promotion here is a page of the hard core stuff!



December 25 A new review of Two For Joy is featured in January Magazine .

December 18: John the Eunuch has granted his very first interview! Read his thoughts about his profession, his life and various other topics in this interview from The Charlotte Austin Review .

December 18: We've mailed out a new issue of our newsletter and now The Orphan Scrivener 6 is online.

December 13: For Children's Book Week, Mary and Eric wrote brief essays on favorite childhood books.

November 26: Bookbrowser has just put online an interview with us and a new review of Two For Joy.

October 17: We've just mailed out the October issue of our newsletter and now The Orphan Scrivener # 5 is archived.

October: The paperback edition of One For Sorrow is out from Poisoned Pen Press.

August 25: Now you can read an excerpt from Two For Joy here.

August: We've just mailed out the August issue of our newsletter and now The Orphan Scrivener # 4 is archived.

June 29: Did a chat at the Mystery Mavens. website on August 23. Lots of fun. Everyone who wasn't watching the last episode of Survivor was there!

June 27: A new interview is now up at Cybergrrl

June 27: Barnes & Noble has recently released a hardbound edition of Classical Whodunits. This collection, which had been out of print, features the longest of our stories about John, actually, at 12,000 words or so, a novella. B&N has also released its own editions of Historical Whodunits (with the first John story) and Shakespearean Whodunits (a story about Richard III).

June 17: Eric attended the Deadly Ink mystery conference. read about it here

June 15: The third issue of our newsletter The Orphan Scrivener is now out and online. Email us to subscribe.

May 7: The second installment of Susan McBride's article on the small press can be found in her From the Trenches Column in the Charlotte Austin Review. Poisoned Pen Press is one of the publishers featured.

April 19: The second issue of our newsletter The Orphan Scrivener is now out and online. Email us to subscribe.

April 14: A bit late on this one, but we are mentioned in Susan McBride's very interesting From the Trenches column in the Charolotte Austin Review, this one about "The New Golden Age of Mysteries."

April 10: We took part in a mystery forum at Mysteries with Troy Soos (Mickey Rawlings baseball mysteries) and Miriam Grace Monfredo (Seneca Falls mysteries)!

February 23: The March issue of Ellery Queen, with our Dorj story, is available as an ebook for your pda/handheld computer.

February 15: The first issue of our bi-monthly newsletter THE ORPHAN SCRIVENER is out. If you want to be added to the list Mail us

January 27: A new interview, bios and an essay by Eric can be found in The Charlotte Austin Review

January 23: We have a story in the March Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine featuring our Mongolian Detective, Inspector Dorj. (ONE SORROW is mentioned in the intro!) Go to the EQMM website for part of the story! And a scan of the illo of Dorj.

January 19: We discussed ONE FOR SORROW online at the Mystery Place. A transcript can be found here.

December 29: Eric's Interview has appeared.

December 22: Some thoughts on how we came to write about John and our approach to historical writing appear in "The Rap Sheet" January Magazine's Crime Fiction Report edited by edited by J. Kingston Pierce.

December 17: ONE FOR SORROW has received a maximum four dagger review in Mystery Review (December, 1999 issue)!

December 16: Stephen Granade has an interesting article at about authors who have written both standard and interactive fiction which includes some quotes from Eric.

November 22: Cathy Gallagher, Expert Mystery Guide at has put up an author page for us at the site, as well as a review.

November 10: Just up, an interview in The Mystery Reader

October: The October issue of the Third Degree, the official newsletter of the Mystery Writers of America carried an article by Eric on how to set up your own website.

October 30: Eric trekked to Rochester, NY to do signings at three Waldenbooks, and even sold a book!

October 11: Stop Presses. ONE FOR SORROW has been reviewed in Publisher's Weekly.

October 10: Imagine our excitement when we checked the ONE FOR SORROW page and discovered we had cracked the top million! That's right, we were ranked 977,764! Act now before they're sold out!!


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An interview conducted by Lorie Ham.

The Charlotte Austin Review

An interview with John the Eunuch.


An interview in conjunction with the release of TWO FOR JOY.


An interview concentrating on co-author Mary Reed


Our first UK interview! Mysteries

The transcript of a mystery forum we participated in along with Troy Soos (Mickey Rawlings baseball mysteries) and Miriam Grace Monfredo (Seneca Falls mysteries)!

The Charlotte Austin Review Interview

Mystery Place

Read the transcript of our chat with Stephanie Shea here.

Eric has filled in the interview form

The Mystery Reader

We answer some questions about ourselves and our writing in the New Faces column. Also, Mary writes about some book signing experiences.

Writers and Adventures expert guide Stephen Granade's article on writers who have written both standard fiction and non-fiction and interactive text adventures includes some quotes from Eric.

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