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"The authors get everything right in their latest historical. The story is fast paced, the tensions between characters well portrayed; the ending leaves the reader clamoring for more."--Library Journal, 2/2/2008
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"...from brothels to copper markets to public baths and poetry readings, each rife with all the gossip, rumor, deceit and lewdness you'd expect from one of the Lord Chamberlain's cases." -- Kirkus Reviews (4/1/2008)

"Once again convincing historical detail and strong characterization help drive a riveting plot."--Publishers Weekly, 1/7/2008.
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"This isnít one of those superficial mysteries that use historical trappings to cover up a weak story; itís a compelling crime novel that happens to be set in another time and place." ó David Pitt, Booklist, January 2008
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"The city and its citizens are well drawn and provide a good backdrop to John's investigation...Seven for a Secret should satisfy not only fans of historical mysteries but also those seeking an interesting story in an unusual setting." --Betty of The Betz Review
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"...I felt as though I was there. By the end I knew the place. The city itself is a character and as much a suspect as everyone else. I understood the constant struggle to survive but also the search for meaning and a spiritual base so many of these characters, and indeed the city itself, longed for."--Devorah Stone
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"...full of color and vivid descriptions of the various features and inner workings of what was the capital of the Byzantine Empire"--Eugene Aubrey Stratton
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" many twists and turns as the mean streets of Byzantium." -- Rachel A Hyde
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"John's investigation is clever and fun to follow, but like the previous six numbered tales, it is the insightful look at ancient history that makes SEVEN FOR A SECRET (and its predecessors) a great reading experience.....Ancient historical mystery readers know the John the Eunuch tales are one of the best series on the market..." --Harriet Klausner.
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"Reed-Mayer have done their homework well, bringing sixth-century Constantinople to multi-hued life..." -- Barry Baldwin
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