A celebration brings many visitors to the city including a traveling show with a young bull leaper whom John the Eunuch is sure he knows from the past. On the night of the celebration his friend Leukos, Keeper of the Plate is murdered and John finds himself on the path to solving it. One for Sorrow is an interesting new series. The authors mix a large measure of whodunit with a bold and candid look at the Roman Empire and a lifestyle their protagonist and many like him were forced to live in historical times. The mystery and characters intertwined with the historical knowledge of roman times and the different religions made for a fascinating and intriguing read. I believe there are enough characters and twists to draw the reader in and hold their attention. Historical mystery readers will be thrilled to have another roman mystery series. But I must warn the cozy readers… take a deep breath before you plunge into ‘One for Sorrow.’

--Brenda Weeaks

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