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    When Ned Brooks scanned a couple covers (one of which is on this page) from my old fanzine GROGGY and put them up on the web, I got to wondering what sort of issue I might put out today. (Some of the colors, by the way, were from nifty colored ditto masters supplied by Ned and Eric Lindsay.) It might seem like a silly question since this website already features a lot of recycled fanzine writing. But the website is, frankly, geared to help us acquaint people with the fiction Mary and I are writing and none of the essays are strictly faanish. I did have on hand some faanfiction that Garth Spencer had kindly put up on the web and kept there for years and a bit of fanhistory I had posted on my first website. In addition, I recently ran across a sercon article preserved by John D. Owen . In the last couple issues of the e-newsletter Mary and put out I found some items that seemed very Groggy-ish. I also had on hand something particuarly faanish that I never wrote while I was in Fandom -- a convention report. All that makes for a fairly typical issue of GROGGY, I think, albeit a very long one.

    So I'm placing this GROGGY online as an "issue" rather than a web page. There won't be any additions. It's an example, for anyone who cares, of what the fanzine was like, near as a dittoed and hectographed zine can be reproduced in html.

    Recently I've turned my efforts to writing fiction. After collaborating on a number of short stories Mary and I have had published four historical mystery novels in the "John the Eunuch" series. The fifth, FIVE FOR SILVER will be out in February.


    I noticed the above is somewhat out of date. Has it been 9 years?!! Babylon If was reprinted in Hyphen 37 and is now viewable with great Atom illustrations. I didn't note that that essay, and the essay on Title were both published in Brian Brown's Sticky Quarters a fanzine that published some terrific stuff, at least according to Walt Willis. The King Cotton article first appeared in a mini-comic (I seem to recall) and the essay Peepers was in the newsletter Mary and I do -- The Orphan Scrivener which is available on eFanzines. Also, our current Byzantine mystery is Seven For A Secret.

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