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In Byzantium, Lord Chamberlain John the Eunuch looks forward to the end of the current festivities. Since he is in charge of the events, John publicly attends as many as possible. Though his stomach and head reel from bad food, rank animal odor, and sweat, John shows up at the Hippodrome with several friends to watch a lithe woman leap onto a bull. John realizes the performer is his former lover from a time before his current condition. Distracted John forgets to talk with his colleague Leukos the Keeper of the Plate.

The next day, John finds Leukos murdered by a dagger near the Inn of the Centaurs. John makes inquiries and realizes several obvious suspects exist. A King Arthur knight from England and fellow worshiper of the bull God of Mithra, Thomas admits having met with Leukos only yesterday. Leukos recently visited the popular soothsayer Ahasuetus of Antioch. Then there is Kaloethes and his wife, greedy owners of the inn where Leukos died. However, as he continues to investigate the killing, John also seeks to find his former love.

ONE FOR SORROW is a historical mystery that should excite fans of the sub-genre. Mary Reed & Eric Mayer provides readers an incredible and enlightening look into the sixth century reign of Emperor Justinian. John is a great protagonist whose hard past continually surfaces in the present. The support cast augments the rich story line with even more depth so that the audience can feel even more of the era without slowing down the interesting who-done-it. Readers will clearly want more tales starring John and his cohorts who make history and mystery fun.

--Harriet Klausner

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