One For Sorrow is a murder mystery set in 6th century Constantinople. John, the Emperor's Lord Chamberlain, discovers the murdered corpse of his close friend Leukos in a side alley. Leukos appears to have no known family and John takes it upon himself to investigate the murder and avenge his friends death.

The city contains many a rogue and villain and John's plight is exacerbated by a knight of the round table from Britain questing for the holy grail, an enigmatic, mystical soothsayer and two women who bring up painful memories from John's troubled past.

The story unfolds to reveal excitement, passion, intrigue and pain in a setting that is painted in great historical detail allowing the reader to picture the city and the times without having any previous knowledge of Byzantium.

Every sentence is an important thread in the weave of the story and finishing the book leaves one aching for the next one. By far the best mystery I have read in a long time.

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