Barry Baldwin's Review of Three For A Letter

Three For A Letter is a rollicking good yarn. John is as on the ball as ever, always impressive in a eunuch. The authors catch Theodora perfectly and although half of me wishes there were more Justinian scenes, the other half acknowledges that he works better as the hovering omni-menacing power behind his own throne. John's elderly servant Peter is also coming along nicely as a character in his own right, while the prophetic goats are in themselves worthy of a special Edgar Award. All in all, a cunning plot resolved credibly without needless melodramatics. I award another quartet of Byzantine snickersnees in the back.

Barry Baldwin is Emeritus Professor of Classics at the University of Calgary. The author of l2 books and several hundred articles, including many on Byzantine, Greek and Roman history and literature, he also contributes reviews, fiction and a series on the history of crime to Mystery Review (Canada). His short stories in EQMM, AHMM and numerous mystery-related publications both here and abroad have gained nominations for the Arthur Ellis Award (l999) and the Anthony Award (2000).

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