Broken Leg.  Co-hoe.
Cheyenne Ft. Marion POW.
Went to Hampton: Kohoe, aka Nohonicas Arrived age 30 in Apr 1878.  Jun 1879 Removal to Carlisle

Joy Fisher Hampton Research

(19) Heo-nis/Coho; 3 men, 4 women, 6 children, total 13; 
Text Copyright (c) John L. Sipes 2004 Sipes/Berthrong Cheyenne Collections. Fort Marion and Darlington Agency, Indian Territory Sections, File Numbers 42-56. Enrollment of Cheyenne and Arapahoe Tribe of Indians at the Agency. (This census shows native name, English interpretation, number of men, women and children in the family with the total in family. Notation at end of this Cheyenne census states: "I certify on honor that the foregoing is a full correct and complete list of Cheyenne Indians - and those only - at the Cheyenne and Arapahoe Agency, Indian Territory, who are entitled to subsistance. (S)" Jon D. Miles, U.S. Indian Agent, Cheyenne and Arapahoe Agency, I.T., March 1st, 1878.
      After a lingering illness, little Belle Cohoe, died this week. She was one of the girls who came from the Indian Territory last year, and has been ill and a great sufferer from the day she arrived.

    May 2, 1890 INDIAN HELPER

Artist. William Cohoe
Went to Lee Massachusetts.  Left Carlisle March 1880.

Fear-Segal found in Peterson.

Cohoe. I have three listed.

        William Cohoe. RG 1327 #302. Listed as Cheyenne. No other details except this response to 1910 survey, dated 12/15/1910. He is married to someone called Small Woman. They have two boys, both of whom are also married. One has children of his own. The other lost his first wife and has subsequently remarried. William lives in Bickford OK. Has worked at the Indian agency as a farmer, butcher, baker, builder. Was a clerk boy for 6 years. Then in the army. In 1912 he was a farmer and hauling wood into town. He wrote "I have nothing to go ahead and work with. I work hard try to make a living at the same time i am getting poor. I live in two room house. It looks like I cannot get started. My wife and I both work out at all times. As I told you, I have only two sos and they are both married. I want you to help me some ways in regards about tools to work with every summer.

        Bella Cahoe/Cohoe. (Rg 1328/1329). Listed as Arapahoe. Address c/of Cut Nose in El Reno. OK. Parents both given as living when she enroled 11/14/1889 at age 12. she was 58inches tall and 81 lbs. Died at school 4/29/1890, buried in cemetery

        Cahoe. Rg 1327 #161. CIIS ID #7. arrived 10/6/1879 aged 30. enrolled for only 3 years. Sent home 3/02/1880 sick.

(Arriving with Cahoe and Whiteman on 10/6/1879 and listed as Cheyenne include: Howard Charlton Buzzard. Age 27. dept 1/26/1880 sick. Little Chief, age 28. dept 1/26/1880 sick (surveyed in 1909). 

Genevieve Bell NARA Collections.

Cohoe, 35, full blood, Chey., by himself, parents Fastened Wolf, dead, and Little Woman (dead Nov. 5, 1902)

Wm. Cohoe/Cohoe, 47, full blood, husb., parents Groaning Bear, dead, and Looking Around, dead; Small Woman,47, full blood, wife, Big Feet, dead, and Bear Woman. Bruce Cohoe/Black Bird, son, 17.

1902 C&A Family Register 
Text Copyright (c) 2003 Ruby Bushyhead C&A Family Heirship and Estate Testimonies compiled by John Sipes.

U.S. Dept. of Interior
Office of Indian Affairs
Washington D.C.
Education- Administration Circular #401, March 12, 1910.
To All Indian Superintendents
"Report and statistics on returned students that attended non-reservation schools in so far as the success or failure is concerned."
Carlisle, Pennsylvania. (Name and Occupation Shown Below)
Ernie Black, works by the day and has sold his land.
Harvey White Shield, looks after his own business and rents his land for a share of the crop.
Joe Pawnee, none at present. 
William Abe Somers, none.
Alfred Brown,none.
Charles DeBrae, farmer.
Henry Roman Nose, none.
Cohoe, none.
James Hamilton, none.
(The above Cheyennes)
Arapahoes: Comanche, none; Phillip Rabbit, none; John H. Williams, none, has sold his land; Francis Lee, none; Dan Tucker, none; Cleaver Warden, farmer; Tom Carlisle, none; Howling Wolf, none, (Cheyenne).

Text Copyright (c) 2004 Sipe/Berthrong Cheyenne Collections. Boarding School Sec. - Returned Students.

Cohoe #1936 70 yrs. old died 3-18-1924.
        Small Woman/Little Woman; Vister.
        Coyote Walking/Charlie Cohoe, mother Small Woman, died 7-3-1911; 
        Black Bird/Bruce Cohoe, mother Vister.
        White Sun, male, 6 yrs. old, parents Coyote Walking and Tackanina, died long ago; 
        Jane Coyote Walking, same parents, died 6-6-1941; 
        Howard Coyote Walking, 64 yrs. old, same parents, died 2-19-1915.
   Great Grandchildren: 
        Nora Jane Walking Night, 3 months old, parents Otto Black Owl and Jane Walking Night, died 1941.

Text Copyright (c) 2003 Ruby Bushyhead C&A Family Heirship and Estate Testimonies.