Where do I find a client ?

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One of our first task regarding IRC was to provide our subscribers with the tools to access IRC.

Async Users

Now available to all async users is the best existing IRC client : the latest release of the ircII client, maintained by one of the progammers himself.

To use it from the menu, select "Internet Relay Chat" and "Local IRC client" ; you will be asked for a nickname which is the name by which you will be known on IRC (you can change it afterwards).

From the UNIX prompt (%), type "irc [nickname]" and there you go.


MS-Windows users can download the latest mIRC client from the mIRC Homepage.

For Linux or most flavors of Unix, you can download the source of the latest version of the ircII client from Warp Communications' site.

For Macintosh clients, try IRCHelp's Mac IRC clients page.

Other clients can be found at Boston University.


To be allowed to access some IRC servers, you will need to run a program called identd that allows client authentification by the servers.

That program is available in the same directories as the clients, depending on your environment. For MS-Windows users, there isn't a stand-alone archive : the WSIRC and mIRC packages include identd.

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