Getting started (IRC basics)

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Your nickname is what other users on IRC see of you. That's how you will be known on IRC.

Your nickname can be defined when you start IRC (answer the question if you use the menu, type "irc nickname" from the shell prompt or define it at the appropriate location in the menus of other clients).

You may change your nickname at any time by typing "/nick newnick".

Remember that nicknames are not owned. If the nickname you want is already in use, choose a new one.

IRC commands

By default, all IRC commands start with a "/". Without that command character, what you type is considered text you want other users to see. Note that the command character must be the 1st character on the line .

A list of basic commands

Follow this link for an introduction to IRC basic commands.

In the ircII client and certainly most other clients, a complete list of commands is available via /help. "/help command" for more details.

See the documentations of individual clients about their particularities (especially shortcuts in graphical environments).

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