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FC Slicker's On Base Bennie
FC Nippenose Chantilly Lace
FC Slicker's JoJo
FC Hunts Creek Tiny Tina
FC Catt's Valley Misty Morn Babe
Random Farm Frederica
FC Slicker's Hit-It-Hard Randy
FC Slicker's O-Two Slider
FC Slicker's Jack Daniels
FC Slicker's Grand Slam Grady
FC Slicker's Base Hit Butch
FC Slicker's 7th Inning Stretch
FC Slicker's Cabin Fever Butter Bean
FC Slicker's Nobody Out Nemo
FC Slicker's Infield Fly Floyd
FC Cabin Fever Andy
Kennel Slicker's Beagle Kennel

Our kennel is located on 100 acres of woods and fields in beautiful Northeastern Pennsylvania. It contains two running pens and two puppy pens plus a rabbit breeding pen to maintain our rabbit population in the starting pen.

The dogs are kept totally inside in 4' x 8' pens with concrete floors for cleanliness. The kennel temperature is controlled by two large ventilation fans to manage odors and maintain a cool temperature in the summer. During the winter, warmth is maintained by a wood burning stove which keeps the temperature at a mild 40 degrees.

Protection is provided by a complete ADT security system and is constantly patrolled by a large Billy Goat named Johnny. To date, he has terrorized one 18-year-old, 200 pound All-Star Football player and caused major havoc with one feed delivery man!

Our newest addition allows dogs brought for breeding purposes to have comfortable separate accommodations.


One of the pictures shows our new Seneca Kennel dog trailer. Owner of Seneca Kennels - Ron Ransom - can make kennels to your specifications. We highly recommend Seneca!

For information or to purchase a Seneca kennel or dog trailer, please contact me,

Gary Slick - at 570-289-4481.


RR1 Box 1048 Hop Bottom PA 18824 Phone: 570-289-4481 Fax: 570-289-4977 Email: Slick50@epix.net