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2K10 Open Soar Electric Sailplane Contest
2010 AMA Nationals Altitude Limited Event

The 2K10 Open Soar

in Carlisle, PA was a huge success!The altitude limited electric sailplane format is off and running in the US.Next stop is the NATs where a trial altitude limited event will be held on Sunday, August 1st.If youíd like to join the fun and havenít registered yet, you can register on-site.Donít have a limiter?No problem.Soaring Circuits will be there with loaner CAMs for those who want to try this new format without purchasing one yet.



Competition Altimeter for Models

Designed for the new 200m altitude limited electric soaring format, the CAM is small, light, and easy to install.  Just plug it in between your receiver and ESC.  That's it!  The CAM automatically shuts your motor down at 200 meters or after 30 seconds per the emerging altitude limited soaring rules.  This new competition format promises to put the "soaring" back into electric sailplane contests.  Even inexpensive RTF models can compete!

The CAM has selectable cutoff altitudes of 50m, 100m and 200m, and does not require a computer to program or use.  You can easily change the cutoff right at the field.  With the CAM you can make multiple climbs to cutoff without having to land.  Great for practicing!  And, the CAM is designed, built and supported right here in the USA.

Retail Price: $49

Soaring Circuits is the home of the RAM3
All the functionality of the RAM2, but about half the size and double the memory!

RAM3 Specifications

         Size: 3/4" long x 5/8" wide x 3/8" high.

         Weight: 2-1/4 grams.

         Resolution: < 1 foot.

         Sample Rates: 1, 2, 5, or 10 samples/second.

         Memory: Over 18 hours at the 1 sample/second rate.

         Interface: RS-232, cable included.

         Power Supply: 3.1 to 15 volts.

         Current Draw: 5 milliamps.

         Operating Temperature: -4F to 140F (-20C to 60C)



News Bytes

FlightView 3.3 is now available for download.  The Export function now outputs a standard .CSV file format which may be opened directly with Excel and many other programs.  Click here for the zip file.

Browse our Customer Pictures to see the RAM3, RAM2, and RAM installed in various sailplanes.

Check out the Magazine Reviews to see what reviewers have to say about our RAM2.


RAM3 Features

         Comes complete with everything you need including PC interface cable, FlightView software on CD-ROM, breathable anti-static protective foam wrap, and instruction booklet.

         Small, light, and easy to use.  Installs in minutes.  Plugs right into your receiver using the detachable lead, or use a separate battery.  Wide supply voltage range lets you power the RAM2 from a single LiPoly cell all the way up to a 12 volt battery.

         Fine tune winch & hand launches, motor/battery/prop combinations, camber settings, climb & sink rates.

         Large memory holds a whole day's worth of flying.

         Requires PC running Win 98/Me/XP/Vista with serial port, or USB port with adapter.

New Price: $79

FlightView 3.3 Software

  • Upload, view, and save flight data on your PC.
  • Reload and view previously saved flights.
  • Zoom and pan both time and altitude.
  • Set Start and End markers with the mouse.
  • Set Altitude marker with mouse.
  • Rate of climb/sink window.
  • Delta altitude window.
  • Re-Zero and Tilt functions to correct for barometric drift.
  • Atmospheric temperature compensation for maximum accuracy.
  • Export in standard .CSV file format to view data in your favorite spreadsheet.

Price: Comes with RAM3 or Free Download


LiPo Battery Features

         Ready to plug right into your RAM3.

         Weighs about 2 grams.

         50mAh capacity will power the RAM3 for 9-10 hours.

         Can be charged at up to a 100mA rate.

         Comes complete with charging adapter lead.

Price: $15


USB/Serial Adapter Features

         Use your RAM3 with computers with no serial ports.

         Installs in minutes.

         Upload your RAM3 data to your favorite laptop.

         Comes complete with drivers.

         Works with XP and Vista.

Price: $19



Simply plug the LiPo battery into the RAM3, fold it back, give it a wrap of foam, and stick it anywhere you want in your model.  Then go fly all day!  Will even fit into tight hand launch fuselages.  The complete self contained package shown above weighs only about 4.5 grams!

S&H in the U.S. is $5 and includes Priority Mail.

International S&H is $15 and includes Priority Mail International.

International customers, go together with some friends and buy
2 or 3 RAM3's and pay shipping for 1!

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Soaring Circuits products are now carried by Greg Potter.

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