RAM3 Installations

Ken Croft from the UK pointing to the RAM3 in his HiLite Unlimited.

Jeff Cheechov's RAM3 tucked in the wing saddle of his Polecat Aero Sidewinder II DLG.

John Bradburn analyzing a flight of his classic 1936 Dallaire oldtimer right at the field.

Bob Park's Taboo GT with a RAM3 and LiPo battery tucked neatly in the wing saddle.

Mike Fantham was looking for a challenge so he squeezed a RAM3 & LiPo into his 1/12th scale electric free flight Cub.

Chris Lee's Supra with his RAM3 tucked in between the receiver and servos.
RAM2 Installations

Randy Knorr's AVAe-Flapped electric glider.

Randy Knorr's Blaster discus launch glider.

Randy Knorr's Omega 1.8 Poly electric glider.

Tony Oliver's Pelikan Models Swift electric glider.

Peter Salomon's Encore discus launch glider.

Allan Wright's Gambler+ discus launch glider.

Steve Ehrlich's homebrew DLG based on the SuperGee II.

Deniz Varhos' F1A competition free-flight model.

Our Polecat Aero XP-4 discus launch glider.  RAM2 is self contained with 80mAh LiPo battery.

Bill May's Playboy oldtimer model.

Tapio Linkosalo's F1B "Wakefield" free-flight model.

Bruce Lewis' Raptr discus launch glider.

RAM Installations


Cal Posthuma's Artemis.

Dave Seay's Xenath.

Don Ressler's Oly II.

Cal Posthuma's Super V.

Don Ressler's XTerminator Pro discus launch glider.

Allan Wright's Gambler, all balsa discus launch glider.

Corrado Conti's (Italy) XP-4 discus launch glider.

Jared Wellman's Kennedy Composites Blaster discus launch glider.

Tomi Nguyen's Absalut discus launch glider and laptop computer used for uploading flight data in the field.