the Lion's Purr


The reunion committee has been working from various lists which are not all the same regarding which of our classmates might be included.  There is a list from the graduation ceremony program, and one published in the Red Bank Register on June 15, 1961.  Also, there’s the yearbook, and the past directories from reunions in 1977, 1986 &1991.

So we aren’t sure of the exact number who graduated in the Class of 1961, and there are also a number of others who were our classmates for many years, but who moved on, or for other reasons weren’t out there on the athletic field that hot evening in June for the diploma issuing.

The search for classmates not yet located continues, but for too many we have already reached a brick wall.  Presently, there are about 75 classmates for whom we have not established contact.  Some seem to be located, but have not responded to calls and mailings.  In the near future the committee will be issuing a list of the ‘Missing’ classmates in the hope that some of you may have a clue to where we may continue to look for them, or even better, have contact information for some of them.

Here’s some stats from our database as of 5 April:

Names in Database = 450: 229 Females & 221 Males

Known Deceased = 68: 38 Males & 30 Females

Most common first name

Girls – Patricia (12); Barbara (11); Judith (10)

Boys – John (16); Robert (15); William (13);  James & Richard (10 ea)

Number with known Email Addresses - 201

Post Office Address with the most Classmates – Middletown, NJ (22)

Top 12 States -

NJ – 159; FL – 48; CA – 17; VA – 11; NC – 10; PA – 9

GA – 8; NY – 7; OH – 7; ME – 7; MD – 6; SC – 6