the Lion's Purr
15 October 2011


The MTHS '61 Web Site will continue to be updated with classmate news & information and also possibilities for future get togethers.

Some classmates have hinted that 'mini-reunions' in locations around the U.S. where clusters of classmates are located might be organized.

French Ball, 50-year Reunion Committee Member makes the following suggestion:

The Class of 1961 had a great time at our reunion, talking, joking, and getting re-acquainted after a fifty-year separation!  It was good to have multiple opportunities to get together, including a tour of the high school.  We want to share these experiences with all our classmates – or at least as many as we are able to reach over the Internet.  So please join us in two locations, to read about, see, and hear all the excitement of the reunion weekend.

First, you can access our class website, created and maintained by Jeff Owens.  The link to the site is:  (you should be able to click on the link. If that does not work, try copying and pasting it into your browser).

Next, join us on Facebook.  This social media site allows us to converse and share all sorts of things.  To become a part of the group, you must first have a Facebook account.  We can provide some assistance in getting started.  Once you’re on Facebook, search for “MTHS – 61” (note that you do NOT use the quotation marks when you search, and there is a space before and after the dash).  Once you reach the group site, click on the link to “join” the group.  If this doesn’t seem to be working, just ask via email for help, and I can help you get started.

There are write-ups, photos, and even videos of the reunion in both places, although the material is not totally the same.  Hope to see you there! 

[The address must be typed into your email message substituting the @ on your keyboard for the atsign graphic.]

Information posted on the web site with each of the events [click on the dated buttons on the home page] that were held over 23-25 September 2011 includes a brief descrption of how the event turned out.  Let everyone hear from you.  If you attended, or even if you didn't, please send a short comment of your own to add to the 'reviews' for the events.

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