9 AM
Breakfast:  Americana Diner, Shrewsbury
Host- Al Franklin  albert-franklinatsigncomcast.net

Al reports:
Sunday morning breakfast at the Americana Diner in Shrewsbury Diner started off on the wrong foot for me.  The mater dei was a bit rude for not seating us when we were almost all present at 9am.  He kept on insisting that we give him an "EXACT" count of the number of attendees.  So finally, at around 9:10, I had to tell him that we were all present.  As it turned out, 3 of us showed up closer to 9:30 and another showed up around 10.  They were able to sit at a separate table for 4 near us.

We ate well and chatted over coffee for a couple of hours until it was time to go.  At that point, we reluctantly said goodbye to those that we weren't going to see again. 

As you can imagine, there was much talk about how much fun everyone had at the reunion banquet the night before.  We are all lucky to have such good classmates to be able to easily rekindle memories and make friends on such a short notice as a 3 day gathering.  It has been an important part of my life to be in touch with friends I remember, and even those that I don't.

After breakfast, Angela Devita and I then took a trip to the Laurel Bay Rehabilitation Center in Keansburg to visit with Catherine Rosko Currier.  Catherine in afflicted with MS and is wheelchair bound.  She didn't remember us and we didn't remember her but we all had something in common -- we were all grads of MTHS 1961.  We visited with Catherine and a couple of her lunch partners and had a good time.  For those that know Catherine or even if you don't and would like to send her a birthday card once in a while (June 25th) here's her address  --  Laurel Bay Health & Rehab Ctr, 32 Laurel Ave, Keansburg, NJ  07724     (732) 787-8100
1 PM
Lunch:  MJ’s Bar & Grill, Tinton Falls, (formerly the Old Mill)
All Afternoon
NYC via 12:30 Seastreak Ferry from Highlands (Connors Landing) into South Street Seaport (Pier 11)  and departed Pier 11 at 4:50 pm.

Hostess: Connie DiFedele Falvo   cjfalvoatsignverizon.net

Connie reports:
"Fortunately, the weather turned out beautifully, and we had a very relaxing—but windy—boat ride on SeaStreak’s hydrofoil to SouthStreet Seaport’s Pier 11. As soon as we arrived, we sought out an outdoor restaurant on Fulton St. The Seaport area was very crowded due not only to great weather but also to the popular annual San Gennaro Festival, occurring just north of the seaport on Mulberry St. After lunch, we walked around the Fulton St. area, did a bit of window shopping, bought an ice cream cone, and watched the outdoor entertainment on Pier 17.  A very enjoyable day!"


South Street Seaport

Interactive Pier 11 & South Street Seaport Map
6 PM
Dinner:  Houlihan’s, Holmdel
Host- Sue (Pease) Mamchak   psm_211atsignyahoo.com

French Ball reports:

Dinner at Houlihan’s, in New Monmouth, was the final event planned for the reunion weekend.  It was hosted by Susan Pease Mamchak.  The evening got off to a rocky start, partly because there are TWO Houlihan’s restaurants in the area, and partly because the starting time given to the restaurant was apparently different from that given to us!  But it all worked out!  The restaurant staff proved efficient and very helpful in getting us set up with tables – even moving more tables into the area when more people showed up.  Other patrons were also helpful, as some of them had to move around a bit!

All-in-all, this dinner proved to be a positive way to bring the reunion weekend to a close.  The food and service were excellent, and we all had a great time talking and joking about the days we’d just spent together.  It was a bit sad finally to have to say goodbye, and know the reunion was actually over.

Pics to be posted soon