9 AM
Breakfast:  Americana Diner,  Shrewsbury  

Host- French Ball  fballatsignbright.net

French reports:
"Eight classmates and four spouses gathered for breakfast at the Americana Diner in Shrewsbury.  For those who had been away for a long time, it was an opportunity to relive the “Diner Experience” for which New Jersey is famous.  The Americana Diner is larger than expected on the inside, but still provided the kind of food and service one might expect in more intimate surroundings.  We enjoyed being together, eating, talking, and getting re-acquainted with one another.  Since we had all been together at one time or another on Friday – for the school tour or evening dinner – this breakfast had the added benefit of allowing us to talk about things we’d already experienced in the reunion weekend. A good time was had by all!

Clockwise around the table, beginning on the left: Susan Horvath, Bill Horvath, Linda Schreihofer Plamondon, Russ Hickman, Roberta (Bobbie) Cheney Hickman, French Ball, Joanne (Jo) Lott Bowman, Chris Rebscher, Mary Rebscher, Bob Brown, Patricia Ebersole Reiter, and Paul Reiter."
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1 PM
Lunch:  Rooney’s Ocean Crab House, N. Long Branch
Hosts- Vince & Lynne (Richmond) Cilli   lynnecilliatsignembarqmail.com

Lynne reports:

"Hooray!  The weather cooperated for lunch at Rooneys on the beach in Long Branch.  Adding tables as additional welcomed guests arrived was not a problem for the staff at Rooney's and fun for all of us!  What a wonderful oceanfront location with REAL palm trees and all for a welcomed memorable occasion with treasured friends! 

Twenty-one classmates and spouses in attendance (not all pictured): Charlie Adaysh, Chieuhang Adaysh, French Ball, Bob Brown, Mike Carlo, Linda Carlo, Lynne Richmond Cilli, Vince Cilli, Ken Dunn, Jan Dunn, Al Franklin, Carol Greenip Davis, Rick Davis, Ed Healy, Teri Healy, Gary Homefield, Rich Hopkins, Marty Hopkins, Bill Horvath, Joanne Lott Bowman, Chris Rebscher, Mary Rebscher, Linda Schreihofer Plamondon."

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7-11 PM
Reunion Dinner:  Jumping Brook Country Club, Neptune City, NJ

Buffet Dinner & Cash Bar
Dancing to D.J. Music with songs of the 50's & 60's

JBCC Clubhouse Entrance

  about 104 ATTENDEES -  LIST: click here

(winners recd a scratch off NJ lottery ticket)

Traveled Farthest to Reunion:

        Pat (Ebersole) Reiter--Oregon

        Barbara Ann (Myers) Anderson--Washington

        Charlie Adaysh--California

Most Children: (3 winners having 5 children each)

        Paulette (Konig) Jensen

        Gary Homefield

Married Longest: (49 yrs):  Joy (Robinson) Rinhart

Most Grandchildren (9): Lynne (Richmond) & Vince Cilli

Lived in the most states (9):   Roberta (Cheney) Hickman