Basic Stamp Stuff
 (R2, for the head, TAUPO for the TOPO drive design)

This is my BASIC STAMP II project attempt.
Please E-mail if you have any questions.

Click here for Video Download of R2Taupo!

The R2TAUPO uses two modified drive servos for 360 degree operation.
(This link will show you how to modify a standard model airplane servo
 to make a robot drive system)
The brains are a BASIC STAMP II chip with a motherboard
that i designed.Source code found here.    R2TAUPO.TXT

It contains a 7805 power supply, and enough
header pins for 8 servos and 8 general control pins,  lights,
speakers, sensors, etc.   Click here for schematic.   R2TAUPO.gif
The slanted drive wheel design allows the robot to roll and steer with
only two wheels.  (model airplane wheels)
The head rotates 180 degrees (standard servo), and contains leds and Infrared motion
detection.   (Got the head from a Kentucky Fried Chicken promo glass)
This allows R2TAUPO to avoid objects, and make decisions
to locate a clear path to follow.  R2TAUPO has a speaker and amp
for sound output.
The power source is a 7.2v rechargable hobby battery.

        Just added speech board and software routine. (code updated)
             Schematic and foil pattern will be here soon............ SPEECHBD.gif
               General hints on R2Taupo construction.

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