Andrew Elm  (NY ONEIDA)
arrived 10/16/13   departed 1/1/14;  1/21/14 -- 6/7/18 -- school closed
aged 16 (DOB 9/5/1897)
blood full
parents: father Simeon, deceased,  mother Sylvia
NY Oneida
public school: 1905- through 8th

Genevieve Bell NARA database Record Group 75, File 1327 National Archives.

arrived 10/16/13   departed 6/7/18  school clsoed
aged 14 (DOB 7/10/1899)
full blood
parents; father d'cd Simeon' mother living Sylvia
public schools 1906- 1913

Genevieve Bell NARA database Record Group 75, File 1327 National Archives.

Horton G (NY ONEIDA)
arrived 9/26/1899   dept 6/21/04
aged 19; 72" 142 lbs
full blood
parents living: father Abram; 
60 months previous schooling
1910 Caldeonia NY laborer

Genevieve Bell NARA database Record Group 75, File 1327 National Archives.

Raymond (NY ONEIDA
arrived 10/3/.17 dept 8/29/18
aged 14
full blood
parents: mother :sylvia e george. father ?
transferred to haskell

Genevieve Bell NARA database Record Group 75, File 1327 National Archives.

Arthur (Wisconsin Oneida)
arrived 2/16/10  -- dept 6/5/13  ran away; 7/3/13/-9/27/14 ran away
aged 14 (DOB 4/30/1896)  60" 185lbs
parents living: John Elm 1/2; Louise 1/2 
blood 1/2
Catholic Mission school 1904-10; 3 bro and 2 sis living

Genevieve Bell NARA database Record Group 75, File 1327 National Archives.

Chester (Wisconsin Oneida)
arrived 9/10/10 dept 9/11/13 
aged 15; (DOB 9/16/1895); 65" 114lbs
blood 3/4
parents: mother dec'd Celecia Hill; father? c/o Simoeon Hill./
Mission Day school 1902-10
stayed in Carlisle area

Genevieve Bell NARA database Record Group 75, File 1327 National Archives.

Cora Elm (Wisconsin Oneida)
arrived 12/23/06  dept 6/19/11; 10/27/11-9/24/14
aged 15; 60" 94 lbs (DOB 2/18/1891)
blood full
parnets living: father Nicholas, mother Jane
Oneida Brdg School 1900-08
4 bros and 5 sis living; 1 bro murdered; 1 dead of whooping cough
GRADuated class of 1913; went onto to nursing
2 photos of her in NARA (RG 75. 1327. file 5553) (in nurses uniform). 
worked in Philly
1918 involved in war effort and women's suffrage.

Genevieve Bell NARA database Record Group 75, File 1327 National Archives.

Guy (Wisconsin Oneida)
arrived 9//10/10  dept 9/5/13; 11/22/13--6/9/16; 12/03/16-8/28/18
aged 14 (DOB 7/29/1896) 56" 86 lbs
blood 3/4
parents living: Nicholas 3/4; mother Jane 3/4
Oneida brdg School 1904-09
ran away: 7/5/17-/8/23/17
camp counsellor in mass in 1917

Genevieve Bell NARA database Record Group 75, File 1327 National Archives.

Ida (Wisconsin Oneida)
arrived 6/29/00  pp dept 9/30/02
aged 15 64"
full bllod
parents living: father Nicholas
was at Lincoln in Philly
also Hampton Graduate 1908. teaching day school in Oneida.
1912: Winnebago Neb. housekeeper
1915 W Depere

Genevieve Bell NARA database Record Group 75, File 1327 National Archives.

Ruth (Wisconsin Oneida)
arrived ? between 1908-1909; dept 8/31/11 ran away to get married
aged 14
blood ull
parents living: nicholas and Jane
Oneida brdg 1907
married Francis Coleman.
1911 W Depere housekeeping. living on famr

Genevieve Bell NARA database Record Group 75, File 1327 National Archives.

John (Wisconsin Oneida)
arrived 11/7/1885   dept 7/8/18890
aged 20; 71 "; 160 lbs
full blood
parents living; father Lewis
72 months previous schooling
married Canaidan Indian woman. farmer. 
1912 Neopit wis, farmer

Genevieve Bell NARA database Record Group 75, File 1327 National Archives.

Levi (Wisconsin Oneida)
arrived 9/30/1885  dept 6/22/1886
aged 18  71"
parents living: fatehr Lewis
full blood
sent home b/c  "Worthless":
1910: married and living in Oneida. farming.

Genevieve Bell NARA database Record Group 75, File 1327 National Archives.

Lavina (Wisconsin Oneida)
arrived 8/26/1899  dept 6/23/04
aged 14 63" 109 lbs
full blood
parents living; mother electa
60 months previous.
married Joshua Metoxen (not CIIS)_. have a little gilr in 1910

Genevieve Bell NARA database Record Group 75, File 1327 National Archives.

Sent to Country Homes since Sept. 11th.
  Anna Howard. Ida Elm, Mary Smith, No. 2. Lottie Bissonette. Lizzie Laurent,
Pear lWalker, Lyda Webster, Avis Wells Rhoda Edson, Hattie Sittingbear. Alice
Johnson, Beatrice Hoover, Clara Hoover Dora Rankin, Josephine Beresford.
  Henry Bently, Peter Commander, Juan Epchose, Randolph Hill, Wallace Miller.
King Nephew, Stephen Owlingwish, Albert Brown. Albert Jackson, Henry Smith
Jones Jackson.

Returned From  Country Homes since the 11th. 
  Laura Amman. Clarinda Charles, Nora Jamison, Passaquala Anderson, Anneebuck,
Gail H. Antone, Libbie Archiquette, Dinh Beck, Asenoth Bishop, Katie Callsen,
Minnie Callsen, Nina Carlisle, Josephine Charles, Christine Childs, Louise Christ-
john, Lizzle Chubb, Lulu Coates, Charlotte Cook, Louisa Cornelius, Martha
Cornsilk, Minnie’Down, Abbie Doxtator, Alice Doxtator, Catherine Dykanoff, Mar-
tha Enos, Esanetuck, Susie Face, Susie Fisher, Rena Flyingcoyote. Helen Fraties,
Dora Fritts, Anna George, Ida George. Gertie Gordon, Mary Kadashan, Evalyn
Hammer, Rose Harris, Caroline Helms, Clara Henault, Lucinda Hill, Eliza Honi-
joust. Hannah Hopkins, Flora Howard, Ruth Hosang, Louisa Jacobs, Delfina
Jacquez, Sarah Jacquez, Bertha Jamison, Eliza John, Maggie Johnniejohn. Minnie
Johnson,A&ll:-Kennedy, 6”r&Belle, ClaraI+Croix, &&ml Long, Agnes Love-
joy, Alice Lucae, FelicitnLugo, Chrlatina Xajado. Laura Masta, Marie I&Cloud,
Lena Me&y, Blanohe McLaughlin, Yinnie Means, Nellie Merrill, Ida Mitchell,
Mary Mitohell, Bertha Mohawk, Joaeph- ine Morris, Jemie Moreboui. %flnmie.
Nlok, Millie Palnano, Anna Parker. Eether Parker, Joaueda Parker, Nora
Peawq Bernice Pierce. Rachel Pierce, Sarah Pierre, Jean&t+ Pocntello, Mary
PItit, Jouie Banlone, LncyRun”oe, Minnie Reed. Arms Reinken, Ysrinchmo,
Sabachi”,. Aycbe Saraaino, Mary Jane &ott. Anna Smith. Lottie Smith. Marv
Smllh, Moxie So&, Nsnie Bturm; ?&a& Sobish, Sosipatra Bnveroff, Rose Temple,

September 21, 1900 ARROW

Ida Elm, who is a Hampton student, is in Great Barrington, Mass., and subscribes for the RED MAN, for she must have it, she says.

July 15, 1904 ARROW

Ida Elm who is teaching at Oneida Wis., is getting along splendidly with her work.

April 28, 1911 ARROW

Ida Elm, an ex-student, is now working at an Indian school in Springfield, South Dakota.

November 10, 1911 ARROW

Indians Aiding the Government in Indian Uplift
ACCORDING to the report of official changes authorized by
the Civil Service Commission in the Indian Service for the
months of October and November, 1911, the following
Carlisle returned students and graduates received appointment:
Name  Residence

Ida Elm Wis.
Wm. J. Owl N. C.
Pearl Wolfe N. C.
Samuel J. McLean S. D.
Fred Cornelius Wis.

Robert McArthur Minn.
Ezra Ricker Mont.
Blake Whitebear Mont.
Roland Fish Ariz.
Theo. McCauley Neb.
Henry Markishtum Wash.
John Goslin Wis.
Mattie TenEyck C a l .
Maud E. Murphy Minn.
Eugene Fisher Mont.
Star Bad Boy Minn.

Position  Location

Seamstress Springfield, S. D.
Chief Police Cherokee, N. C.
Assistant Cherokee, N. C.
Disciplinarian Chey. & Arap., Okla.
Shoe & harness maker Mt. Pleasant, Mich.
Disciplinarian Wahpeton, N. D.
Laborer Ft. Peck, Mont.
Janitor Crow Agency, Mont.
Laborer San Carlos, Ariz.
Laborer Winnebago, Neb.
Teacher Neah Bay, Wash.
Industrial assistant Carlisle, Pa.
Assistant matron Hoopa Valley, Cal.
Assistant Leech Lake, Minn.
Forest guard Tongue River, Mont.
Private White Earth, Minn.
In nearly all the positions noted above, it will be seen that the
work which these young people are doing is educational and altru-istic.
During the last two weeks, just before this has been written,
five other students received appointment through regular civil
service channels, having taken the examination and passed with
good averages. One obtained the position of instructor in cooking,
and another as teacher. The other three obtained positions as
/’ clerks, at salaries ranging from $720 to $900 per annum.
More and more the personnel of the Indian Service is being
recruited from Indians. Our Indian .schools are furnishing their
quota as instructors and employees. The Carlisle School alone
has more than 300 of its graduates and returned students occupy-ing
official positions in the Service, as superintendents, teachers of
academic work, instructors in industrial work, and as clerks, field
matrons, etc. This is encouraging.
A larger proportion of the positions in the Service will ulti-mately
be filled by Indians, who will, in that way, be working out
the salvation of their race by acting as teachers and leaders of their
people, This is the ultimate goal of our stewardship in the Phil-ippine
Islands, where the Filipinos are being given responsible
official positions as rapidly as they show themselves capable and
trustworthy. Finally, it is expected that most of the positions there
in the Government service will be filled by Filipinos.
Surely, this must inevitably be the case in the Indian Service.
It is gratifying to note that wherever Indians are given a trial and
are qualified for the work they undertake, they make excellent
records. This is most remarkable, when it is considered that the
Government first seriously attempted to educate the Indians only
about thirty years ago. A large part of the progress and develop-ment
of the oboriginal Americans must be dated from that time.
The latest figures given indicate that there are now about 1800
Indians in the Indian Service. They are rendering splendid service,
and when the Indian problem shall have been a thing of the past,
the verdict will necessarily be that the Indians themselves have had
a very large share in solving it.

February 1912 RED MAN (magazine)  pp 255-6.

Guy Elm, who is now attending the public school under the Outing, is getting along splendidly.

December 15, 1911 ARROW

Guy Elm is attending school at Newville, Pa.

January 17, 1913 ARROW

Cleveland Schuylar and Guy Elm left last Thursday for their homes in West Depere, Wis., their terms having expired.

September 12, 1913 ARROW


...We were so sorry to lose Guy Elm. He is a fine, gentlemanly boy, conscientious and helpful.

October 16, 1914 ARROW