Excerpted from "Sex in the Romance: A Review of Romantic Encounters of the Close Kind".

(copyright John L. Ferri 1994, jlferri@epix.net)

Locations for Sex

Glamour Magazine reviewed a few motion pictures for unusual locations to have sex and selected the following:

  • Airplane bathroom: Rich and Famous
  • Cab: Dressed To Kill
  • Chicago El: Risky Business
  • Elevators: Fatal Attraction, & The Doors
  • Floured butcher block: The Postman Always Rings Twice
  • Kitchen sink: Fatal Attraction, & Damage
  • Mexican ruin: Against All Odds
  • Middle of a driveway: The Big Chill
  • Rear seat of a limo: No Way Out
  • Glamour also surveyed 500 of their readers about sex in unusual or public places. The results showed that 22% of the time it was his idea, 17% was hers, 47% was both of their ideas, and 14% of the time it was spontaneous with no planning. Some common places were a local park or playground, parking lot, public restrooms of restaurants, woods or wilderness, and the beach. More daring locations were the roof of a police department, ladies' dressing room in JC Penney and Victoria's Secret, the last seat near the bathroom of a Greyhound bus, and the boss's office while he was at lunch. The most challenging places were in a tree, standing in library stacks, and while piloting a Cessna. The most irreverent sites were a cemetery, a church parking lot, and a mausoleum.

    With bed being the most comfortable location, why have sex in other places, for instance against the hood of a DeSoto, or in the jungle, or even on the floor? The answer is that, in the romance novel as well as in real life, it's usually not a premeditated decision. The answer will be the same as that of the mountain climber when asked why he climbs a mountain. "Because it's there," is the usual reply.

    It's a well-known fact that when aroused, blood is diverted to specific sexually related areas of the body in preparation for action. This occurs in both the male and the female. It was previously thought that this blood came from the general supply circulating through the body. In fact (maybe), the brain and the sex organs share a fixed quantity of blood whose location is mutually exclusive. In other words, when it's in one place, it's not in the other. Thus sex is usually not a logically arrived at process. The hormones are driving and when they're put in gear, the location is immaterial.

    As expected, the sex in the love scenes of the romance novels occurred in a bed 70% of the time, with the beach a distant second at 3%. I'm encouraged by these figures because if sex happens in bed 70% of the time, then it takes place someplace else 30% of the time.

    Other locations for sex in the romance novels are:

    • against a wall
    • ancient temple
    • backstage
    • bathtub and bed
    • beach
    • bed
    • bed with mirror above it
    • bedroom floor
    • carpet
    • cave on bearskin
    • classroom
    • conference room
    • desert
    • desert on a blanket
    • floor
    • hammock
    • hood of a DeSoto
    • hot tub
    • in the water then on a boat deck
    • jungle
    • kitchen floor
    • lake shore
    • living room
    • livin room sofa
    • outside against a car, then on the ground
    • outside in the rain
    • pond
    • rowboat
    • rug, then bed
    • shower
    • shower, then bed
    • sofa
    • standing
    • storeroom
    • tomb of temple
    • tree house
    • yach deck.
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