leonard wm tyler
aka magpie
father: lone bear aka wolf lying down
arrived Carlisle 9/6/80
dearted Carlisle: 9/18/83
age 14 at arrival to school
on outing summer 82 and entire 82 and 83
died 4/4/1913 of tb
married to nettie black, sister of jennie black aka jennie black kettle
carlisle student
1910 living in calumet ok; at haskel 84-87
industrial arts teacher for 10 years
first married to jennie who died 1904 had 5 kids with her
1913 only one of them was living - daughter ruth
1912 baptized church of lds

From the NARA database of Genevieve Bell

August 14, 1888.
See page of references regarding Indian Police.
C&A Letterbooks, Vol. 27:383-385.
Charles F. Ashley to Commissioner of Indian Affairs, October 1, 1889.
I have the honor to transmit box of wedding cake with compliments of Leonard Tyler and Jennie Black, full blood Cheyenne Indians educated at Carlisle and Haskell Institutes, who were married Sunday the 19th ult. by Rev. H.R. Voth, at the Cheyenne School.This is the first event of this kind occuring at this agency. There were in attendance Cloud Chief and his wife, Wolf Chief and his wife, Buffalo Chief and his wife, Sleeping Wolf and his wife, Cedar Tree and his wife, Spotted Wolf and his wife, Contester and his wife, leading and progressive Indians of the Cheyenne and some twenty five others. The Indians all seemed pleased with the ceremonies and the bountiful dinner provided by the employees of the school, did them credit.
I need not expatiate the good likely to result from this event, providing these young people (who have started out together braving the prejudices and ridicule of their people and adopting the customs and ways of Civilization) and encouraged and sustained by your office.
Am repeating the request for Tyler as Asst. Indian Teacher, and to hire Jennie Tyler Asst. Seamstress at same school with compensation of $10.00. /S/ Charles F. Ashley.

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From a trip to the Indian Territory, we gather some interesting news about a number of our returned students. Benajah Miles and Casper Edson are government school farmers. Jesse Bent, Cleaver Warden and Grant Left Hand are clerking in the stores. Robert Brown and Kish Hawkins are clerking in Agent's Office. Luke Bear Shield is school clerk and interpreter at Darlington. Julia Bent is teaching at the Cheyenne agency school. John Williams is Register of Wills of one of the counties with a salary If $1,000 a year. William Fletcher is also a Register of Wills and hay the best cornfield in that vicinity. Oscar Bull Bear, is Assistant Government Farmer at, Seger, Okla. Leonard Tyler is Assistant Farmer at Cheyenne School. Jennie Black Tyler, his wife is assistant laundress at the same school. Mary North Tassie has a Cheyenne husband, is living on a good farm, is a good housekeeper, and exerts a good influence. At the Pawnee Agency, Stacy Matlack and William Morgan are district government farmers. Rose Howell is assistant matron at Otoe school. Louie Bayhylle is on the police force. Robert Matthews has resigned his position as school farmer and expects to come east on his own work. Frank West is married. Paul Boynton is filling some county office. Henry North has resigned his position as clerk in Agent's Office. The three last are working on their claims. Maud Chief Killer is married to Colonel Horn and they are working at the Cheyenne school. All the returned students are doing well.
August 11, 1893 INDIAN HELPER
Ralph S. Connell, Special Agent, to B.E. White, Supt.,  July, 24th, 1906.
At the Ponca Agency, White Eagle, Okla. Six Indians from Cantonment, Ben Buffalo, White Face Bull, Left Hand, Horace Little Man, Cheap and Bob-Finger were taken by Supt. Noble on the Ponca Res. "for leading a Mescal Bean conclave." They claim to obtain the beans through Leonard Tyler, a Carlisle graduate...."wants absolute evidence about the source of the supply"----Arrest Tyler.
Connell to G.W.H. Stouch, July 28th, 1906---wants to know where Tyler obtains the beans. (Note from J. Sipes-This is peyote not mescal beans)

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Calumet Chieftain, May 28, 1909.

A party of Indian of no little celebrity were in Calumet last week, the guests of Leonard Tyler, oone of the best known and wealthiest Cheyenne Indians in this part of the country of Okla.  The head of the visiting party was Hon. Fred Lookout of Pawhuska, second chief of the Osages. Mr. Lookout and Mr. Tyler were classmates at Carlisle, Pa., where they formed the ripe friendship which has extended through many years......Osages are oil rich.

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Colony Courier, May 19,1910.

Little Robe, a once famous chief, died at Calumet at the home of Leonard Tyler last week.

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Colony Courier, April 17, 1913.
Leonard Tyler, Cheyenne Indian, died near Calumet about the 1st. of April with tuberculosis. Leonard Tyler was one of the first Cheyenne Indians that introduced Peyote among the Cheyennes about 19 years ago. He always claimed by using this peyote it prolonged his life.

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Calumet Chieftain, April 11, 1913.
Leonard William Tyler, a full blood and a prominent Cheyenne Indian, died at his home, north of Calumet, last Thursday, of consumption.
He was born in October of 1864 at Fort Lawrence, Kansas. His father was Lone Bear,  a prominent Cheyenne Chief of the early days of Oklahoma. He received his education at Haskell and Carlisle universities, and was among the first party of Indian boys to enter Carlisle University. It was there he received the name of "Leonard William Tyler" ( his Indian name was Magpie) which was given to him by an aunt of John Tyler, for the President of the United States.
Law was his chosen profession but on account of poor health he was unable to finish his course.
After his return to Oklanoma, he married Jennie Black, also a Cheyenne and an educated woman. To them five children were born, but only one Miss Ruth survives. His wife died in 1904 and later he married Nettie Black, a sister of his former wife. He then moved to Calumet where he built one of the finest residences in that city, but his health grew so bad that he established his residence on his valuable allotment six miles north of town, where he resided until his decease.
Early in his life he adopted the white mans ways, to which he always adhered. He was of a very religious nature and constantly exhorted his tribesmen to follow the "Jesus Way".
In October of last year he was baptized into the Re-organized Church of the Latter Day Saints and was later made an elder.
A short time ago he made his will and planned his funeral arrangements, requesting where he should be buried at since he had lived like a white man.
A . W. Sanders, conducted the funeral services and the body was laid to rest in the cemetery at Darlington, April 4th., 1913.
Correspondence--Mound Valley.
Leonard Tyler, a highly respected Indian of this vicinity, died Thursday and was buried at Darlington Saturday. A number of white people attended his funeral. 
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