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This year your child will be exploring the realm of Life Science. We have many fun activities and labs that will make learning an adventure and not a chore. We will use a variety of methods to learn about the subjects you see listed. The usual textbook reading with worksheets and text questions will be an important base from which we will learn the subject matter. Group activities and presentations will be an integral part of our learning experience. Labs using several biological tools will enhance our learning and pique our interest. Dissection is another venue students will use to learn about the living world.

Students will need the following items every day for class:

  • their textbook;
  • their science notebook;
  • a writing utensil;
  • and of course their thinking tool (brain that is).
  • Students need to bring these items everyday no matter what is on the agenda for us to do.

    Student grades will be based on:

  • Class work/ home work, (60%),
  • Test and quizzes (30%)
  • and participation (10%).
  • Class expectations


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    If your child has problems

    I can be reached by phone during school hours at 424-8430. Please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible.

    You can also email at woolseyworld@yahoo ,com

    Cells and Heredity The first study unit and textbook. Students will learn how to use the microscope and other tools of the biologists. They will learn the structure of the three basic kinds of cells and the function of those cellular structures. We will work with cells from various plants and animals and even ourselves. Students will discover the importance of DNA and how their cells carry out their specialized jobs.

    Bacteria to Plants In the next text students will learn about infectious diseases caused by viruses and bacteria. We will also explore the fact that most of the bacteria in the world are useful and helpful to us. We will endeavor to understand the Kingdoms of Protist and Fungi and the interesting organisms that are part of them. Finally the fascinating world of plants will intrigue and amaze us.

    Human Biology and Health is the third and final textbook we will use. Students will study the parts of the human body and how they work together to make a functioning human organism. Students will be able to name those bones, identify those muscles, and explain how the brain controls all of our bodily processes. Understanding human diseases and the prevention of these diseases is an important aspect of study unit.

    Our goal is to have FUN while learning.

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