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Why are we here ?


I have many interests, GENEALOGY is one of them

Over the last 35 years I have researched my ancestors.


Both my paternal Doscher, and maternal - Boydell trees have developed into name studies. The pedigree starts with my son William David Doscher II. There have been many contributors. The research continues.

My Amateur Radio station is AA3BL

A great way to converse with people all over the World. Since starting in 1992 I have contacted all 50 states and 304 countries, 300 confirmed. Mostly voice contacts but also enjoy digital modes occasionally.

We have Responsibilities

Everyone should try to accomplish something of value in their lifetime. Trying to leave the World a better place can be difficult. Since humans have taken over so much of this planet we each leave it better or worse. One priority certainly is a respect for all life. By our nature, we destroy in order to survive. Only those of us who are considerate of others can be considered higher life forms.


Everyone should participate to the full extent of their ability. Justify your existence with volunteerism and make improvements in your living environment.