Updated for 1999
Lecture Notes for Week 11
EMOTION - Chapter 11

Emotional response consists of 3 types of components:

Behavioral Autonomic Hormonal Amygdala 4 major components of the amygdala: Medial nucleus Lateral/basolateral nuclei Basal nucleus Central nucleus Lesions of central nucleus Electrical stimulation of central nucleus Conditioned Emotional Response Autonomic responses - lateral hypothalamus

Behavioral reponses - PAG

Coping Response

Anxiety-reducing drugs Flavor Aversion Human Research Orbitofrontal cortex Phineas Gage

Pain Perception

Judgment Cingulate Gyrus Facial Expression Prosody Monkeys' perception of another's gaze Facial paresis Right hemisphere Left hemisphere James-Lange Theory Simulated emotions Serotonin [Note: Just because I am not lecturing on portions of the chapter does not mean it is not on the exam!]