A LITTLE WITCH MAGIC: Everyone thinks Broomhelga's the meanest witch in town—everyone, that is, except a little girl named Wanda. Wanda loves Broomhelga's big, pointy hat, her fly broom, and even her scary house with the overgrown garden. But what no one—not even Wanda—knows, is that Broomhelga is lonely, and bored. In fact, there's only one day in 365 that she likes—Halloween! That's when Broomhelga brews pots of potions and makes naughty plans for her favorite night of the year. But this year when Halloween finally arrives, Broomhelga gets what no magic potion in the world can create—a friend.
THE A TO Z BEASTLY JAMBOREE: Wacky creatures populate the pages of this alphabet book that will delight children as they learn the ABCs. Watch ants anchor an A, lions launch an L, and zebras zipper a Z in this fun-filled beastly jamboree. The bright colors and spirited scenes draw readers into a world where animals do the strangest things. And children will love the lively border, which holds more surprises! With his trademark vibrant artwork and zany sense of humor, Robert Bender takes young children on a rollicking journey that they'll want to make again and again.
THE CHIZZYWINK AND THE ALAMAGOOZLUM: Zeke and Zelda are dozing in their bed. Suddenly, from the woods, a voice calls, "Let me in! Let me in! I want to sip your sweet blood! Yum!" Could it be the dreaded chizzywink outside their door? Zelda orders Zeke to set their hound on the terrifying creature. But again and again the blasted bloodsucker demands to be let in. And neither hound, nor hog, nor gruesome gator can keep him away. Zelda knows there's one thing sweeter than blood though—alamagoozlum. She's about to give that pesky old chizzywink a taste of his own medicine!
RIBBIT RIDDLES: Why do frogs make such great baseball players? They are good at catching flies! And young readers will catch a case of the giggles when they experience the tongue-in-cheek humor leaping through Ribbit Riddles. Katy Hall and Lisa Eisenberg have spawned this hilarious mix of puns, riddles, and jokes, while hopular illustrator Robert Bender has provided the toadally fabulous warts-of-art. Without a doubt, Ribbit Riddles will enchant every wise-croaking tadpole!
ALPHABET MOVERS: Dr. Benzwie's playful verse and Robert Bender's dynamic illustrations combine social and emotional learning with kinesthetic experiences. Learning, especially understanding and mastering symbolic languag becomes an enjoyable event by dancing Alphabet Movers. Letters and sounds jump, leap and fly with wit and energy that engage the reader's body and mind.
NEVER EAT ANYTHING THAT MOVES (Good, Bad, and Very Silly Advice from Kids): Robert Bender contacted schools across the country and asked thousands of kids what sort of advice they thought other kids (and some grown-ups) should know. A lot of the answers came from firsthand experiences: "My head has learned that a softball doesn't live up to its name." Others had more mysterious origins: "Don't put a bee on a leash." (?!) These kids helped Robert come up with what he thinks is the best advice of all: "Listen to kids – they know what they're talking about!" And . . . even if you're really hungry, never eat anything that moves!
BARNYARD SONG: BUZZ,BUZZ -- MEW, MEW -- COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO -- OINK, OINK -- BAA, BAA -- MOO, MOO, MOO. The barnyard choir sure does sound sweet singing on a blustery autumn day. That is, until "BUZZ, 'CHOO!" Bee sneezes and the barnyard flu arrives. How will the choir sound then?
THE WINTER WITCH: Stephen is dreading Christmas now that his parents are divorced and he, his sister, and his father are living in a new home with his new Jewish stepmother and stepbrother. After a skirmish between Stephen's dog, Dewey, and his stepfamily's cat, Stephen leaves the house in a huff, Dewey in tow. While the pair is out, they encounter en elderly neighbor, who teaches Stephen an unforgettable lesson about family and the real meaning of the winter holidays.
A MOST UNUSUAL LUNCH: One day a frog swallowed a beetle because he was hungry. And much to the frog's surprise, he wakes the next morning with two antennae and six little legs on his underbelly. What he thought was a simple meal turns out to be a most unusual lunch. Who knows what will happen when a fish comes along to devour the frog? Author-artist Robert Bender serves up a simply told but highly unusual cumulative tale that gives new meaning to the phrase "you are what you eat". His repetitive text begs young listeners to join in, while his brilliant pictures in bold shapes and vivid colors will both amuse and amaze his audience.
MAIL MONKEYS: No matter the weather-- rain, sleet, or snow, heat, wind, or hail-- who delights in delivering mail? Mail Monkeys, that's who! A far destination? They know what to do. Their motto is always-- the mail must go through!
BY THE BAOBAB TREE: Animals of the savannah dig themselves a new water hole by, you guessed it, the baobab tree.