"A buoyant picture illustrates each phrase, the letter in
question painted brightly at the center of the action...As
usual, Bender's art combines a gentle fuzziness with
luminosity. His colors glow, the muted grays and browns
almost as much as the electric greens and violets. It's a
suitably unearthly setting for these offbeat beasties."
Publishers Weekly

"Mr. Bender's trademark—his vibrant artwork—and his
zany sense of humor create the really beastly creatures
that populate this ABC book. The acetate drawings on top
of black backgrounds will delight children. The bright,
glowing paintings take the ABC's on a rollicking
adventure: Ants anchor an A, turtles tackle a T, yaks
yanked a Y, etc. And the lively borders hold more
surprises for the young viewer. A handsome book."
Morning News, Dallas, TX

"This very colorful alphabet book is both informative and
Childhood Education