Home Sweet Home in Bellasylva

That's me on the left and Clare McAnany on the right, as we sit on the porch under
the watchful eye of a 500 lb. black bear resting on the front lawn. The bears are
better than watchdogs- they don't bark all night, and you don't have to walk them!
(Photo by Keith S. Kalemba)

This is the view Clare and I have from the porch of Keith Kalemba risking his life to get
the picture above! Note that the bear has turned around and redirected his attention toward
Keith -- who is now on the wrong side of the bear -- away from the house! In fact,
Keith is standing between the bear and its favorite food -- high bush wild huckleberries
beside and behind Keith! This can be dangerous to one's health. Do not try this at home!
(Photo by Rev. Robert A. McLaughlin)

Then, come Winter, the bears fall asleep and the North Wind awakes.
This is what the Blizzard of 1996 in January looked like on Dutch Mt.
The Great Blizzard of March 1993 was even worse than this, snowing
us in for five days on top of the mountain. It was wonderful!
(Photo by Rev. Robert A. McLaughlin)

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