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Here I am looking at you over Epix from scenic, downtown Bellasylva on the top of Dutch Mountain, Forkston Township, Wyoming County, Pennsylvania, USA

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Who I am...my Curriculum Vitae

Enrolled in Bishop McDevitt High School's

Alumni Hall of Fame

Meet the Dutch Mountain McLaughlins

The McLaughlin Family Tree

McLaughlin Clan 379 A.D. to 1241 A.D.

Clan McLaughlin History 1241 A.D. to 1620 A.D.

McLaughlin Family Tree Chart

Former Chaplain, AOH Division 17

Ancient Order of Hibernians Division 17
Father Aloysius McGonigal
Far Northeast Philadelphia

Why I might look vaguely familiar

Delegate to the Presidents' Summit for America's Future

Representing the national Catholic Campus Ministry Association (CCMA).

Where I live...Dutch Mountain, Wyoming County

* History of Bellasylva, PA by Henrietta Kester

* Tales of Bellasylva - The Later Years by George Kronmiller

* The Dead Dynasties of Bellasylva by George Kronmiller

* QTVR Virtual Tour of our back yard in Bellasylva

* QTVR Virtual Tour of our front yard in Bellasylva

* Aerial photo of Bellasylva, PA, Dutch Mountain

* Home Sweet Home in Bellasylva

* Me as a kid on Dutch Mountain

* Picture of one of my neighbors on Dutch Mountain

* National Weather Service

* Dushore, Sullivan County, Web Page

* Lopez, Sullivan County, Web Page

*Check the current weather in Lopez, PA

* St. Basil's, Dushore, and St. Francis of Assisi, Mildred

* WNEP-TV16 Stormtracker Weather

* Pennsylvania Game Commission

* Where I used to work...Newman Center at Temple University

St. Basil the Great Church, Kimberton, PA

Where I am Pastor in Chester County.

* Kimberton Fish and Game Association

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* Read today's edition of The Irish Times

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* Visit a Virtual Irish Pub

* Convert your US Dollars into Euros

* Explore early Celtic Spirituality and Irish Christianity

* Or, feeling guilty, check out all things Irish

* Out of Ireland Online

* Local Ireland Web page

* Or visit the first monastic cyber scriptorium

* Or check out the weather on The Weather Channel

* Or visit anywhere in the world live, right now!

* Or listen to ABC news (RealAudio required)

* Or listen to Vatican Radio news (RealAudio required)

* Or check out the latest on the Vatican Information Service

* Or look up your Zip+4 and standardized postal address

* Or map out your next auto trip with Yahoo Maps

* Or pray the Liturgy of the Hours with the Church

* Or explore the possibility of getting your marriage annulled.

* Check out current traffic conditions in Philadelphia, PA, USA

* Or check out some seasonal programs and devotions

* Audience with Pope John Paul II Wednesday, April 29, 1998

* My favorite place to stay in Salzburg, Austria - Hotel Doktorwirt

* Listen to Jean Shepherd's Classic Radio from WOR (RealAudio required)

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