Hobby Prospecting as it is related to Gold

Gold can be found in almost, all EAST COAST States , the only difference is the amount of gold one finds, and its size. The findings here were made by this writer and a few finds were made by others. If the find was made by someone else credit will be given to them in the article.

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Gold Prospecting Equipment, that we use out in the field!!!

This is a picture of me dredging for Gold with my machine

Pennsylvania, Gold has been found in many places in Pennsylvania due to the glacier drifts that occurred during the Ice Ages. This event occurred at least four times that's at least what recorded history tells us. It may have occurred even more than that. Scientist are always correcting their calculations in regards to planet terra (Earth)


This Writer, (A Gold Prospector) has spent many hours out in Pennsylvania,Vermont,New-Hampshire,Georgia and California and has brought back Gold from all of these states. This writer also has prospected in Canada with a Canadian Permit and also in the Arctic Watershed above Cobalt Canada, Yes, you can go to the Arctic Watershed on the East Coast. (My Friend the World is round, and if you go north, you will get there!) Its app. 2,000 mile trip from Pennsylvania. One of the most interesting facts about the Canadian Arctic watershed is that only 10 percent of the land surface, man has ever put his foot on!(It's a vast area, and one can still stake claims and also find a fortune)

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Places and Occurrences of Gold in Pennsylvania

Well this is what you have been looking for: Gold has been found mostly in the mountainous areas in the State of Pennsylvania. This writer lives in the North Eastern section of the State so therefore the information contained will be mostly concerning that area. Also reports of Gold found in other parts of the state are also listed, these I have acquired from other prospectors and old newspapers ( The old newspapers give a better account of the Gold finds than that of Mining records and reports from the Commonwealth since their concern was on commercial mining not hobby prospecting.

Towns, Villages, Cities, and Whatever!

Tunkhannock (Wyoming County) Since this is near me, I have done a lot of prospecting in the area and found it to be a good place in finding Gold. One can do fairly well with a small dredge on the Susquehanna river if he or she knows what to look for and spends some time at it. Don't expect nuggets the size of apples, I think you, should know better. But getting out , and finding some gold dust or a small nugget surely makes one's day and at the same time, I didn't have to travel to far off places to pursue the hobby of gold prospecting. Also check out the area by the game lands, it is also rewarding in the finding of gold. We do not make any claims to access to any one's land, state or private, that matter is one of political interest and not of mine. In regards to private land, ask for permission.

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Tunkhannock Area, The river is a excellent place to pursue the hobby, don't expect to get rich, you'll find gold but it takes a good volume of material to be process over the dredge such as 600 to a 1,000 (5 gallon) buckets. On the other hand, you may just have luck, with a pan or sluice in getting a nugget, or some gold dust which always comes.

Hints on Gold Recovery in Glacier Drift Areas  

1. Work close to shore of creek or river, most finds are near shore line

2. Don't let mental greed be your motive, or else your in the wrong hobby.

3. Don't expect to find a thing for at least 25 times out, your still green.

4. Use your head not your back, snipe, look for bends in the river

5. Snipe and look for quartz in the river, also garnet stones

6. In most places in Pennsylvania, do not go into the "Hard Pan Clay"

7. Your Gold is in the inch to a inch and half above the clay.

8. The "Hard Pan Clay" will rob your gold

9. Rules were made to be broken, no recovery method is fool proof

10. Who Ever said nothing comes easy was correct.........

More locations in Pennsylvania

Listed are many other sites in the state, most contain, a short description on what has been found, or a description of the event.

1. Wind Gap, Pa. If you get to see this place, It sticks out like a sore thumb, Its just so much rock and water in the area. Also lots of public land and access to the water area. This has been know to have reported Gold Occurrences since 1828-1829 Pennsylvania Geologic survey, and Gold was removed by many prospectors back then (Water flow is slow most of the time, bring a gas or electric pump)

2. Knuckle Town, Pa. Gold was first found here in a Paint Ore Mine around the time of the Civil War. Today one can still find it along the Appalachian trail plenty of public land both state and federal.

3. Reading,Pa. Gold has also been found out and around the reading area in the lower part of the state being the gold was associated with the iron.

4. Stony Brook Creek (Tunkhannock Area) finds being reported

5. Messhoppen Creek (Tunkhannock Area) finds being reported

6. The old lead mine behind Lake Carey, Check this out on the courthouse map in Tunkhannock bring your Camera, map is 6foot by 10 foot

7. Wyalusing,Pa. Nugget found behind Wyalusing Hotel, reported by motel owner, nugget found by a new-york fisherman.(name on request)

8. Noxen,Pa. A man called and stated small forms of gold was found on his farm in that area and was asking me, what should he do with it!!!!

9. Cordus State Park, A gold prospector reported to me that he found Gold dust and Pin head gold nuggets in and also outside the park in a creek.

10 The Kress Gold Mine, near Sweden Valley off of route6 one of three commercial gold mines in the state, needs no explanation.

11. Swarata Creek, Near Harrisburg,Pa Well known for gold deposits for many years

12. The New Albany Gold Mine (located outside of New Albany, Pa.) on route 220 heading south less than 3 miles outside this village. On 6/20/96 Miss Judy Drake and myself did some prospecting, one mile north of town, near the school bus turn around and the old railroad bridge, we exactly didn't get rich but fine gold did show up in the pan. This place has easy access, being its either railroad property or township property. If you get a chance, its worth a days outing.

13 The Three Brothers Gold Mine(True name, was never picked by these brothers) It is located across highway 220 some distance from the New Albany Gold Mine <in the same area as mentioned in 12>

14. There are over 15,000 creeks in the state, get that pan out and have some good wholesome fun.

More Information on Gold Prospecting

White Haven, Pa. - A Mike Jarnutowski, reported that he had some luck panning gold in a creek in this area. White Haven is known as a glacier drift area and the proof in the pudding is the "The Field of Boulders" which is a state tourist trap.

Wyoming County - Miss Judy Drake did very well a year ago while prospecting with this writer and pulled 9 small nuggets in a 6hour day.

Golden tid bits

It was found on the web Scientist in the state of N.J. using a electron accelerator created a small piece of gold by accident, giving way to the newest theory on how and where gold came from. The new theory is that a Sun ran out of hydrogen and exploded sending this dense matter out into space, and while the earth was young and still hot, collecting matter, that this matter was re-deposited into the matter on the earth. This makes more sense then any theory, past given by anyone, ("It is well known that one can test all soil on the earth and will find a small amount of gold in each square foot of dirt")

Here's another tid bit found on the net recently Cave's or shaft's were found unearthed in Africa it was determined that these shafts were dug over 30 thousand years ago . It was also determined that who ever dug it was taking gold out of it. My question to anyone what the hell did they use it for. Since this predated the age when man learned how to work with metal. Or is current history wrong.

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