The 1999 Gold Outing in Spring Valley Park, York, Pa. is usually held the last Saturday of July, please check back if any change is made.

The East Coast Prospector

The page is being updated, it will include testing of new products and where to get them, please check back often, when these prospecting tools are tested and listed . If you are a manufacturer or outlet please contact us. Right now, we're looking for a SRV, for testing.

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"The East Coast Prospector" is located at "Lake Carey", Pennsylvania


Most People starting the Hobby of Gold Prospecting, always e-mail me and ask the


Where can I get a Gold Pan or a Sluice?

Your questions, are now answered, Come join us in The Lab.

The Lab is "NEW" and is growing, it will be testing Gold Prospecting Equipment, and our findings, will be shown in pictures and video for your review. Also Book reviews, such as Gold! Gold! by Joseph F. Petralia. which is a excellent book when it comes to "Real Prospecting". We also have a review coming on Gold Rush 2000, by Ed Mitchell its a Mystery Thriller, this baby is Movie Material so check it out.


"Pictures from "The Spring Valley Gold Outing

Joe Stachyra

More pictures from the Gold Outing

from Ed Mcgowan

"Poop Shoot"

"Real Audio Gold Prospecting Lessons" .



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