c/o 273 Pratt Hollow Rd

Nicholson, Pennsylvania, USA 18446-7866


12 February 2011


HH Andreas, Prinz von Sachen-Coburg und Gotha

Elsässer Str 10

96450 Coburg



Dear Sir:


From internet research our group has found that you may be the “Andrew Von Coburg” who graduated high school in New Jersey with our class.  Although the information we found is scant regarding your high school and college years, it indicates you did attend both in the U.S., so we decided to contact you directly.


If you are not the person from our class, we apologize for any intrusion.


We are having a class reunion to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our graduation on the 24th of September 2011 in Neptune, New Jersey.  While we realize the distance is great, and your schedule may preclude attending, we extend our invitation to you and hope you will seriously consider attending.


For information, we have had some past reunions in the years 1966, 1977, 1986 & 1991.  Previous efforts to locate classmates did not have the benefit of the information resources of the internet.  This time, because of the significance of a 50th anniversary, we have made an intensive effort to find each and every classmate.  To date the list of yet unfound has been narrowed to about 35 out of our class of 429.  Unfortunately, about 65 of our classmates have deceased since 1961.


We hope you will respond to let us know if we have found the right person or not.  In the case of the latter, if you will inform us, we can continue our search for the Andrew Von Coburg we seek.  Up until recently the only clue we had was that he reported he would be attending Munich University after graduation in 1961.


We will be eagerly awaiting your reply.  Further information will be forthcoming if you are our classmate.


Yours truly.



Jeffrey Owens

Member of the Reunion Committee of MTHS ‘61