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Robbie Robot

Created when I was in college. SPECS: Head - clear lampshade painted from inside.
Body - Chemical drum.
Power - 12V car battery.
Drive - (2) Datsun windshield wiper motors.
Legs and feet - wood.
Commands - Model Radio control.
Misc - Lights, buzzer. Heavy and powerful.
HERO Robot

Built in 1984.
I've since expanded the memory from 4K to 16K. Added the Roving ROM and
Demo ROM's to the CPU board. Took him apart, and back together several times.
I recently hooked him up to the BASIC STAMP, and with a joystick and a radio, can control
his functions remotely like the teaching pendant.
I like it best when he sings "We Wish You a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year"

 Build the HERO 1 Robot Radio Interface Project!

Hero Jr.

You know this one too!! I had him for a about a year,
then sold him at a flea market.........Duh!

I saw these two at the Chicago
Consumer Electronics Expo in 1983.

I saw these two demonstrated at the Chicapo Consumer Electronics Show in 1983.
Nolan Bushnell and his people had a mock living room and kitchen set up. B.O.B.
negotiated around all the furniture and into the kitchen, where he fetched a
beer from the "ANDROFRIDGE" and return it to Nolan.
The technicians were assembling them on the spot, ready to take orders.
I loved the drive design. I guess that's why I used it with R2Taupo.

Goo Robot

This little guy uses the same BASIC programming as
R2Taupo, with a few changes. See Goo.txt

I modified the S.A.M. Plastic kit so his head can scan and rotate.
UPDATE! Now he has a video camera and transmitter, in his head,
and an 8 channel radio receiver for remote directional control,
and a couple buttons for various sound effects. The receiving 5" TV has the video in,
and the robot drive transmitter controls built inside for a portable controller.
I used the 4-bit TXE433/RCD433, Transmitter/Receiver pair from Ramsey Electronics to
perform the remote control functions. A 74LS147 was used to decode
8 pushbutton inputs and convert to BCD for the Transmitter. Works great!
Here's the source code. Goo.txt
Here's the Schematic! Goo.gif

You can find the Transmitter TXE433 and Receiver RCD433 here!

You can find your plastic body kit here.


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