Midi Drumitar   by RCI

This is the Midi version of the Drumitar I am working on.
Still under Development.
It contains Piezo-elements which I wired
up to PIC P18F4520 Microcontroller board. Needs some fine tuning,  but it's getting there........

Drumitar   by RCI

This is a Drumitar unit I built.
It contains Piezo-elements which I wired
up to an Alesis D4 Module.   Works
and plays excellent as a Drum controller .
For all you FutureMan Fans..........  Otis's Band - Five Man Trio

Walnut Drumitar 4 and Homemade MIDI Bass pedals.   Carved from a beautiful
piece of Black Walnut my buddy Scott gave me.     Made the MIDI pedals from

an old organ I found at spring clean-up one day.  I just wired up a cheap 34 key MIDI controller
board and.............

Drumitar 2    Enhanced version.  A little lighter and smaller.  Contains MIDI patch PIC 16F84
board I made to change MIDI channel and MIDI Patch Change Data.
See PIC MIDI Controller Here!
(note switches on top of Drumitar body)  Runs on a 9V.
Works great for changing patches on the Alesis D4 Drum Module and the Vintage Keys
module I use for the Bass.  E-mail for details on the PIC.

Drumitar 1   First prototype.  Played pretty well.

Link for Otis's band - Five Man Trio

EPS and EPS16+ Samples

 EPSdisk   Is a great DOS program which enables you to convert *.efe files from your PC hard drive
                to an EPS formattable disk.     Instructions how.

 Awave   an excellent shareware program used to playback and convert almost any sound file to many OTHER sound files.
               For example, you can convert PC wav files to *.efe compatible files for your EPS.

 Sound Central    Probably the BEST EPS and EPS16+ sample site on the Net.

If you are interested in any EPS samples, you can e-mail me.

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