Propellor Clocks
by Otis Irace

Design inspired by Chester Lowrey.  Uses Sony IR Remote (programmed

for DVD Mode) to set Date and Time. 


C version IR Prop Clock here!!

C Sourcecode

Written using MikroC Compiler and PIC16F648A.

IRPropClock urc7800


Assembler Version Below:


The clock spins using a belt system made from junkbox VCR parts.
I made a slipring to get the 5V supply voltage to the prop board
using a modified video head assembly.    5V supply and motor
speed controller on same board, center below main pulley.
Bottom left shows speed pot and Time Set and Mode Set switches.
(some day, i'll get hi-res photos) sorry.


The programmer I used was based on a design by Bob Blick.


Source code and HEX files

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