Famous Andy Quotes

"Hold on to your hamburger!"
"I'll fill in the cracks with the Marrow from his bones!"
"This is really bad JuJu!"
"You don't know shit, do you?"
"Get out on the Porch!"
"What do I PAY you for?"
"Ohhh, this is not good!"
"I said, Turn NOW or you're fired!"
"There will be no Hipperdoodles!"
"Uh-oh, my tummy hurts......."
"That's why potty training happens so early in life, you'd be pretty constipated by age 30!"
"Don't you ever give me another White Castle again, you bastard!"
"Well, it's kinda like getting struck by lightning,
it's nothing personal, it is just looking for a place to find ground."
"The Lord made the path from my butt to my head too short." "Andy on tattoeing - It's hard to draw a straight line through Cottage Cheese!"
"If rocks could talk, your head would be going off all the time....."


Copyright 2006 otis irachi