Walk Through for Doomed Xycanthus

Doomed Xycanthus The necessary moves, although some things can be acomplished in slightly diferent ways. Also, this avoids quite a few dangerous or fatal locations and misses a lot of scenery.. get rock kill beast with rock x dead creature get ring x left hand x gem inventory x note search clearing n e s e d x skeleton get sword u n n w x weeds get pouch w n e x deadfall d kill snake with sword open pouch get snake put snake in pouch s x debris get cloth x cloth n u w s e e n x pillar e e x door x panel press y press a press h e give ring to watcher (when he comes along) ask watcher about (for instance) Xycanthus temple key villa Aphrodite n n get paperweight e x woman kiss Aphrodite get key xyzzy s x temple unlock door e throw pouch in pool e d e s x dome(at all locations in crater) u drop everything but sword e n w n cut membrane with sword s e s w get paperweight jump