Doom Cat!!

( You must have java enabled to run jAsea.)

You must have java enabled to run jAsea.

Doom Cat!! is an interactive game. To read/play you type simple commands into the text box. For example, to look at your surroundings type "look" or, the shortcut 'l." To examine objects closely type "examine" or, better yet, the shortcut "x" followed by the name of the object. i.e. "x window." You can move around by typing the compass direction you want to go in, or just its first letter - e,w,n,s, u, d. You can "get" objects, "put object in something" and do other simple things.

Warning! Doom Cat!! was written in one hour for a one hour competition, so it is short and a bit...unpolished...

Here is the solution .

The game was written with Campbell Wild's Adrift game system and can be run from this site thanks to ralph merridew's jAsea applet.

To start, press the jAsea button.

n,s,e,w,u,d......Z ("wait")
Looking (shortcuts):
I "inventory" (what am I carrying?).....("look"..) ...."X object"....("examine" object)
Doing stuff (examples):
"get cat"...."drop cat"....."open fridge (or whatever)"..."feed whatever"..."break whatever"..."read whatever"
Try different things!